Take the pressure off. I have come to realize that the less pressure I put on myself the more I can relax and enjoy life. Try trusting that everything will get done and that it is all happening as it should. When I remind myself of this I instantly feel better and the pressure of “getting it done now” fades away.
Decide how you want to spend your time. Once you make the decision about how much time you want to put towards your business and with your children you will feel a lot better. It’s that “limbo” feeling that lingers before making a decision that usually causes the most anxiety. Whether it’s by making the decision to divvy up your time by day or task, you will be less stressed. If it’s by day then you will know in advance which days are allotted to your business and children, and you can therefore be fully present for each. If it’s by task, then you can prioritize what needs to be done and put time towards them each day, i.e. picking up kids from school, working on a special project, etc. and you will also be more present for each task.
Do what feels good. Be aware of this each day and be flexible with how you spend your time. Your mood and energy are going to be different each day and it’s great to be able to roll with that while still getting things done on your to do list and spending time with your family.
Do something just for you. When I take care of myself everyone benefits. I feel better and this effects how I deal with others. I also have more energy to put into my day, which helps enormously with having a family and a business to maintain. I have recently started meditating again and walking in nature. I feel SO much better and it makes me see how important it is to keep up with these activities.
Above all else, enjoy it! You are in business for yourself for a reason. Most likely to create the lifestyle you desire. So decide what that is, implement it and have fun! Don’t waste your time feeling guilty. It’s your right to run your business the way YOU want to and how that looks for YOU will be different from everyone else.