First, take some time to get reenergized. If you’re feeling depleted do something just for yourself to get your energy level back up. I posted a video earlier this week on social media where I debunk the myth around working harder. Doing what you love that relaxes and energizes you, will make all of the difference when you sit down to work and brainstorm. You will be more creative, clear and energized! This is what working smart not harder looks like 🙂


Second, once rested and of clear-mind, allow yourself to really dream big! What do you really want to achieve in the next 90-days. I have my clients map out the ideal lifestyle they would like to create over the course of a year, thus making the 90-days goals easier to breakdown. What do you really want to be, do and have? What is important to you? In terms of work – create ideas and projects that give you energy and that are exciting. Refrain from any “shoulds” and talking yourself into things. Do this in a place where your creativity can soar where you won’t be interrupted. It can even be at a coffee shop that makes you feel warm and cozy, or a park that allows you to be grounded in nature. A change of environment and getting away from the office can be most inspiring. Use big paper and fun coloured markers, this will make it more fun too!


Third, choose the top 1-3 projects you are most excited about implementing. Map out all of the to do’s that will be required to bring the idea to fruition. Stick to this plan no matter what in order to gain momentum. As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to have bright-red-shiny-object syndrome. This is cool because we’re so creative and have so many great ideas coming in, but it’s not cool in the fact that this causes a lack of focus and jumping around, thus never seeing each idea / project to fruition. Stay flexible at the same time though, as you never know what great ideas the universe will bring to you in terms of “how” to make it happen. A great rule of thumb is to take action on what you can see as next steps now, and stay open to what you aren’t seeing that will be shown to you 🙂

, make sure your calendar is rock solid in allotting time to work on the projects you have identified. Time blocking and chunking will help. Make time for this, along with EVERYTHING that is important to you both personally and professionally! This includes client fulfillment and doing a kick a$$ job for your people 🙂


Fifth, have fun! It’s easy to get caught-up in the day-to-day to do’s and lose sight of our bigger vision. This is about creating a business and life on your terms and no one else’s. Do what makes your heart sing and choose strategies to help you carry out your vision that you resonate with and that are exciting to you. THAT is what will make it successful 🙂


Much Love!!