How many times do we feel righteous in our words and actions? Like we KNOW for SURE we are right. 😳

Maybe someone cut us off or we’re being accused of something we didn’t do. Or we just think our version of the truth is the TRUTH. We’ve all been there. 🙋🏻‍♀️

But it’s all these rules around what’s right and wrong, that keep us in our ego and quit honestly in defense mode.

Where we tend to react versus respond.

Which essentially is an “attack” regardless of who started it…

We dive into this in our latest podcast episode 🎤 where we discuss all different types of attack – that ego is sneaky – and what to do if you feel yourself being triggered.

Because this isn’t your real self…

And when we get triggered, or start to either attack first or attack back, it can send our energy, and therefore what we’re focusing on and creating as a result, into a downward spiral 🌀

It’s the ego’s bait.

If you’re looking for a deeper convo this holiday weekend, grab a tea or head out for a walk and enjoy some laughs with us 💛

Much Love,

~ Chris xox

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