I’ve been hearing a lot about fear-based and love-based decision making lately.

Our decisions, and the outcomes, are very different depending on how we make them to begin with. For instance, if you are building your own business and are nervous about making money, you are more likely to make your decisions from that place. You will take on projects that you don’t want to do, be apprehensive about spending money to grow your business and end up playing really small. BUT if you truly believe that the universe is your source, and this is for EVERYTHING in life not just business, then you will make decisions from that place, which is the opposite of fear (love). You will be confident and trust that things will always work out. Imagine how much different your life would be if your decisions always came from that place? You will live an authentic life doing what you love and experience abundance at the same time.

A great way to get to this place, where you can make decisions out of love, is to feel thankful. I don’t mean just going through a mental check list of everything good in your life, but really FEEL thankful for all that you have and are on a daily basis. Think about how wonderful your life truly is. If you have trouble with this, start off with the basics that we tend to take for granted, like being able to breath & walk. Think about how lucky you really are to be here. Try to stay in this place. It helps to take a few minutes a day to do this exercise. Doing it in the morning is great because it sets the tone for the day. Watch how much differently you feel and act when being in this state of mind. Remember, the universe is your unlimited supply and will bring you whatever you need to succeed in all areas of your life. If you are acting in such a positive way, you will continue to attract more positive experiences and situations into your life. Sounds fun right?

“Gratitude is an attitude that hooks us up to our source of supply. And the more grateful you are, the closer you become to your maker, to the architect of the universe, to the spiritual core of your being. It’s a phenomenal lesson.”
– Bob Proctor

So imagine believing you have an unlimited supply of resources at your finger tips and knowing that you will always be taken care of no matter what. How would your decision making be different? Would you really go for it and not settle for less?