Jude had his little league placement last Sunday and did great! He was one of the younger people trying out for the oldest age bracket, and did I was actually surprised at how well he did! Two coaches wanted him to play for their teams and another recognized him for his pitching. It was really cool to see.


We then went on to his game for his travel baseball team. Jude had an awesome game catching, with throwing someone out at third and chasing another down at home. It was FUN! We chatted with his coach after the game about what catching drills he could do to practice. The coach then let us know that Jude was slotted on the bench for tournaments! I was taken a little back to be honest, as all of the boys seem pretty evenly keeled. The coach advised Jude was currently second string for both catcher and third base. Jude was disappointed but took it well. His coach said he was real close and to keep practicing.


This invoked many great lessons. First, I needed to tame down my own competitive spirit and realize, this is 10 year old baseball and we really just want him to develop and have fun. Second, this created the space for a great conversation with Jude. We let him know we love him no matter what string he’s on or sport he plays, and just want him to have fun. He then admitted he wasn’t giving it his all and said eh didn’t want to be on the bench. He went on to devise a practice schedule consisting of 330 catches a night regardless of whether or not he ahs practice on those nights – plus 25 pitches and 25 bats on the nights he doesn’t have practice. This all commenced that night – after a practice and a game. His spirit amazes me – he is all in when he makes a diction. We’ve also been talking about our goals and writing them out for 2017 and his big dream is to be a professional baseball player. We have talked a lot about what he needs to do each year, month and week to make that happen if he really wants this to happen.


This is what it takes. Dreams do not happen over night. If you’re serious about wanting to grow your business to the next level for 2017, then this is it. You must be willing to practice, and practice what works! You have to continuously put yourself out there and keep trying. Whether you’re currently on the second string or first string in your field – keep improving, don’t go stagnant. It can be easy to take your foot off the gas once you’ve reached a certain level, and this can be detrimental fror your business later and bigger vision. You must continuously put the time and effort into the things that you love AND that have proven success – mindset and sales. Practice over and over again, and improve. We never stop growing. We never stop evolving and creating.


Jude has already improved a ton after 6 days of doing this. Our relationship has strengthen as an unexpected result, because we chat and spend time together while I’m throwing him balls. His mindset has improved because he feels accomplished, and he’s excited because he’s taking action and doing what he loves.


There are multiple ripple effects for your business and everyone in your life when you make the commitment to master what will bring you the success and lifestyle you’re wanting.


Take the first step and write your goals out. I read the other day that almost 80% of people don’t think to set goals, only16% actually have goals, only 4% write them down AND only 1 % percent of people write down their goals and regularly review them. The 1% achieve them! Let’s get you in the 1% 😉


From there, map out what you can see as your next steps monthly and weekly. AND then watch what the universe shows you as your next steps as well. Create the space to let the diving guidance in and be received. Someone mentioned pitching to Jude twice over two days. It was a great concreate example to share with him about listening and paying attention to the guidance that shows up. It also gave him the confidence to want to try pitching, when he had just said the day earlier he didn’t want to. The universe will support you always.

Much Love