I went on a wonderful date this week…with my son! It was just Jude (who is 2 years old), and I for dinner so we decided to turn it into a date night, just us! I had a lot of fun watching him dance on the bench of the booth and loving his ice cream treat! I was really feeling thankful that I’m in such a peaceful place right now. I credit a lot of it to doing what I love. Work is such a big pat of our lives and we deserve to be doing something that makes us happy.

I want to ask you, are you feeling stuck in your job? Here are 3 great indicators that you are…

1) You no longer love what you’re doing.

2) You are staying in your job because the money is decent and you’ve become accustomed to a certain lifestyle.

3) You long to feel passionate again and know deep down you are meant to do something else.

I have a couple of questions for you to ask yourself…

1) Does it make sense that you will achieve financial abundance if you are doing what you love?

2) Does it make sense that if you are passionate about your work you will have more energy to put into it?

3) Do you think it could be your own limiting beliefs holding you back?

4) Do you believe you are here to feel good and spread that joy to others?

5) What is it going to take for you to start living the life of your dreams?

Action Challenge

Please take some time to answer the above questions and be really honest with yourself.

If you’re ready to take action, we have a variety of coaching programs available to suit you. For those of you not quite ready to commit to coaching, please note that I’m happy to announce our proven step-by-step process is now available in workbook format.