So what’s with the bulling on a wider scale? Well, it comes from fear. People don’t really think they have another choice.  They believe they have to attack to get what they want. They believe in sacrifice – that they have to sacrifice something in order for someone else to get what they want. This creates lack, fear and attack.


This definitely doesn’t create peace or abundance.


They don’t know there is enough for everyone. Enough love,  enough joy, enough happiness, enough wealth.


They don’t realize they have a powerful tool inside themselves. A force that is readily available to guide us on what is best for us.


That when they create peace and love within, their external world will also reflect this.


If you stepped out of fear and worry, and into faith and trust where you know this guidance was readily available, how differ would your world be? How different would your relationships be? How different would you be?


Instead they live in fear. They try to get and it’s always at someone else’s expense. It’s all about them instead of giving first. This creates lack, crime and poverty. Of course people are going to act out. They feel desperate. The fear is so strong they don’t know how else to behave.


So this video is amazing and talks about the big issues in the world.

Well, what I want to know is how do you play into it?


I know, I big question. But it’s true. Every single one of us is either contributing to the problem, or being a part of the solution – in every given moment.


When we gossip about another Mom at the school – we’re part of the problem.


When we judge others – we’re part of the problem.


When we feel envious and compare ourselves to others – we’re part of the problem.


When we see others as more special or ourselves as more special – we’re part of the problem.


When we see ourselves as lacking in anyway – we’re part of the problem.


When we slip into fear, doubt or worry – we’re part of the problem.


When we create a world that is so focused on outdoing one another and competing, unpleasant things happen. Look at the competitiveness  surrounding college entrances and getting a job right now. Half of these kids are taking prescriptions drugs just so they can keep up, so that they can handle the pressure…what the? What kind of world are we creating?


We’ve lost sight of what’s important. We’ve lost sight of creating a world where we’re giving and receiving love. Where we’re being our best selves.  Where we’re one. One love, one light. Where we’re gracious and loving of others.


Does this mean we won’t ever feel heavier emotions – like anger, grief, and sadness? No, it doesn’t. We are still human. But it’s what we do with those emotions that matters. Talk about it, get support, journal. Do whatever helps you to feel it and move through it. That permission to feel, as opposed to judgment, will create a huge RELEASE on it’s own.


Forgive yourself when you’re not at your best, and forgive others too. How much better would the world be if we accepted that we’re all trying our best and doing the best we can? If we all loved and supported one another anyway? Ahhh…it feels lighter already.


This change begins with each and every one of us. One Love.


Ask yourself in any given moment if you’re part of the problem or the solution in that moment. Own the good, the bad and the ugly.


I’m working on this and I hope you will join me 🙂


I’m giving a talk later this morning on just this. Lots of entrepreneurs are passionate about creating a movement. Don’t lose sight of  working on yourself first. This is how we will create a bigger movement – one unified, connected movement.


Namaste friends 🙂