When you grip so tightly to trying to control your business and the outcome, you can sometimes miss the very opportunities that will help you take it to the next level. You will also miss out on a ton in your personal life –whether it’s with friends or family. You might be there with them, but if you’re being honest you’re not really “there” right?


Here are 6 ways to find out if your identity is too wrapped up in your business. 


1. You think about your business constantly. Like once every 5 minutes.

2. You are obsessed with social media – constantly checking updates, etc.

3. When out at social functions you feel the need to talk / promote your business.

4. You feel like you are your business – there is no division between you personally and it.

5. You will let everything else in your life go to make sure your business is a success.


And last but not least, and my personal favourite….


6. Your self-worth is tied to your business results. When they’re down, you’re down. When they’re up you’re up. You don’t see your value aside from your business. A dangerous place to be.


The way to start shifting this is getting clear on your priorities in life in general. Most people start their own businesses to have freedom, but then tend to spend much more energy on it then they did when they had a job. The intention is good, the behaviour is off. 


Make time for what you value. Your life will be fuller if you allow yourself a little freedom now. You don’t have to wait until someday when you’ve achieved _____ level. For what you put out comes back. If you experience more freedom and the benefits that come with it, you will receive more back that enables you to feel free and happy, whether it’s more clients who you love, fun with friends, etc. 


Set boundaries! If you scheduled in time to work on a project or something in your personal life, you can’t possibly focus and stay present if your phone / computer is constantly buzzing with new notifications! After realizing I was way too “on demand” with this, I moved around the social media icons on my phone. They are no longer on my “home” page, and so I don’t see the notifications when they pop-up right away now. This helped immensely! I’m back to a schedule for social media / email / texting that fits with my schedule, mission and values. 


Practice self-care. This is a non-negotiable for my clients and myself. Because when we take care of our ourselves our businesses soar, our relationships more loving and we have more to give. 


When I say self-care, I’m referring to a multitude of practices. Taking time to relax and to do the things you love are a huge part of it, but it’s also about doing what is going to help you thrive in life and setting good, solid boundaries around the activities you allow yourself to partake in to the people you allow in your life. It’s about being worthy enough to make empowered choices around your time. Check your calendar and you will see if you’re off. 


Practice having faith. Faith in something bigger then you, that knows how you can create your big dreams. You don’t have to figure it all out – let go, and see what resources show-up. Take action and have fun! This is meant to be easy. A flower doesn’t have trouble growing. We are meant to create and have unlimited resources available to us to do so. You will never be led astray, but do you feel worthy enough to receive? Self-care practices will help you to strengthen this muscle.  When you’re in faith, you can move out of fear and stop trying to control everything so much. You can release that type grip and ease up on the hustle. You can be more present with the people you love the most and live in alignment with your values. 


What can you do this weekend to start moving in this direction? Hint, look at your schedule and add in some of these practices this week. 


Wishing you much peace and love xo