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One issue I see coming up a lot for my coaching clients, is whether or not they are making the right decision. How do they know if it’s actually their gut telling them they are on the right path, or their subconscious mind trying to talk them out of doing something? Read below in this week’s article to discover the difference between the two.


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So how do you know when you are making empowered decisions that are in alignment with your goals and dreams?


Well, it takes becoming very aware of what your goals and dreams are to begin with, and even more aware of when your subconscious mind will try to throw you off course.


Here is a really clear cut example.


A client of mine has a really big goal she would like to achieve. She has also learned how important self care is – specifically for her this entails eating well, exercising regularly, and sleeping at least 8 hours a night. She has learned that things flow easier when she takes care of herself in this way. She is happier, more inspired, and works SMARTER with the time she has. As opposed to staying up until the wee hours of the morning grinding it out trying hard to make things happen. It’s not a coincidence when she takes care of herself in this way, her business flows 🙂


I love these kind of success stories because it just proves how pivotal taking care of ourselves is. Does it mean you don’t put in the time? NO. But you do show up in a much more impactful and powerful way, which leads to better results! YAY!!!


Now back to making decisions.


Because her old pattern is to work herself to the bone, her subconscious mind wants to tell her to stay up late and keep working. She is super inspired, so her subconscious mind makes a valid point. Why not put in the extra time when I’m on a roll??


When checking in with one of my favourite questions, “is this decision taking me closer to my goal?”, at first glance it is. Putting in the time can’t be a bad thing right?




If we follow this all the way through, we know continuing this pattern of staying-up late and not getting enough sleep, actually leads to burnout. And then resentment. And then doubt. And then wanting to throw in the towel on the whole thing.


So in fact it’s taking her farther from her goal.


Is it okay to stay up late a night or two here or there? Sure. But it’s when she gets sucked back into that pattern, that story that this is how she will get results, is when it becomes a block.


So back to making empowered decisions.


We want to get clear on what our big goals and dreams are to begin with. What ideas light you up and get you excited? What vehicle are you excited most about to deliver your product or service? Make the decision from this excited (maybe a little fearful because it’s new) place, but the vibe overall being more so inspired excitement!


These decisions are never wrong.


Sure you might need to course correct and adapt along the way, as the path unfolds and new information is gathered, but if you keep following your heart you won’t be wrong.


As you follow that path, if your subconscious mind tries to talk you out of doing the steps required to bring these dreams and goals to fruition, then you know you have slipped into “wrong” thinking. I prefer disempowered thinking. You’ve taken the bait and the goal is to get you to stop.


The subconscious mind is designed to keep you safe, and growing and stretching to achieve goals does not feel safe. Until you become “comfortable being uncomfortable”, then it has less of a hold, as you have begun to reprogram it.


Remember to also think the entire decision through, i.e. staying up late. At first glance it’s in alignment with the bigger picture, but upon closer analysis, it is designed to create overwhelm thus getting her to stop. Track the decision all the way through, look at the pros and cons both short term and long term, and then make your inspired decision.


Above all else, trust yourself! You will learn when you’re trying to talk yourself out of something that is good for you and your dreams.