The unworthy lens is where you see everything through the “I’m not good enough” lens. You see the obstacles in your business, instead of the opportunities, you see the shortfalls in others and yourself instead of the positives. This is where you get down, feel like something has to give and are completely uninspired. You get sucked into he drama instead of the light.


You cannot see through the mud and the sludge.


This is when the fear sets in. You can’t see the way out so you think you’re trapped. You feel scared that maybe you won’t hit your goals after all. Maybe you won’t reach those big dreams. Maybe you do actually suck.


You start shrinking. You show-up differently in front of clients and prospects. You’re no longer having empowered conversations because the fear of not making it becomes so strong that you become debilitated. You start making assumptions about what others are thinking. You begin to care what other people are thinking.


You have slipped into a shame spiral.


OF not being good enough, smart enough or worthy enough deep down.




This is an ego trap at it’s finest.


You already are good enough, smart enough and worthy enough. You. Just. Are. We ALL are.


We are connected at a higher level of consciousness and we are ultimately energy. We are creative beings with an unlimited universe at our fingertips to utilize. You can absolutely and without a doubt, turn the impossible into the possible.


You are not alone and you do not need to do it alone. Ask for help. Pay attention to what shows-up to support you.


Shift your focus.


Think of something in the moment that will remind you of this and help you shift your energy. Try doing something kind for someone else with no hidden agenda. Think of something you’re looking forward to. Connect, love, give. When you raise your vibration in this way, you will see the solutions that are right there for you.


Get clear on what you do want.


Shift the thinking from what’s not working to what you want instead. Stay focused on this at all costs.  What you focus on grows. You have a choice – either notice the crap, or pay attention to what you want and what’s working instead.


Stay in action.


This is where I see people falling off track the most. They get in their head and lose momentum. Tell yourself the lies of the ego just aren’t true, that you are amazing and get back on track with taking action every singe day toward your bigger mission / vision. This will help you create massive momentum.


Manage your expectations.


What rules are you telling yourself that need to be there in order to feel good enough, i.e. praise from this person, accomplishing this, etc. It’s all a lie. You already are good enough.




Do what you love and take care of yourself. This will help you to increase your confidence and connect with the infinite power we all have available to us. You are worthy and deserving, always 🙂