This week we are one step closer to realizing our dream of moving to the beach. I thought this dream started when I saw the movie the Secret, and the message was to follow your bliss. I knew right then and there I was meant to live by the ocean. I realized later on though, that I had always had a pull to the beach. Reading the Sweet Valley High series when I was 8 inspired wanting to move to Malibu. The humane society commercial showing an abused German Sheppard invoked a strong sense of wanting to help, and I thought I would move to Malibu and own all of the dogs in the world on a big beach front property – where anyone wanting a pet would have to come and be interviewed

by me first 🙂 Pretty lofty I know, but at the same time you can see that this dream of helping others and living near the water has been inside me for a very long time. 



I encourage you to go deep within and think about what your big dreams are. In this article I share how I continue to make big dreams happen, how to access your own, and have the courage to really go for it! Ya!

Article: Are You Living YOUR Dream?

We were able to make part of our dream a reality a few years ago after moving to California from Canada. My husband’s job enabled us to acquire a visa. After lots of consideration we agreed to live near the mountains so that he would not have a long commute. We were much closer to the water then we had been – a 45-minute drive versus a 5-hour plane ride 🙂

Our 3-5 year plan since moving here has been to move to the beach. After my husband and I did some deep personal work with my mentor recently, we realized we just needed to go for it and make it happen! We made the decision. This week our house went into escrow after being on the market for just two days! The universe has supported us in the very best way possible, bringing us the perfect buyer. We are now one step closer to making this BIG dream a reality. If all goes well, we will be by the beach for the next school year 🙂

As I mentioned above after watching the Secret, I knew deep inside me this is where I was meant to live. Within the months to follow, I realized I had the urge for a long time, since I was a little girl. If you’re having trouble figuring out what your big dream is, I urge you to look at something that really inspires you. It excites you down to the core of your being. Something you would absolutely LOVE to be, do or have. Make a list of everything that comes up. Then look at each one and notice if you have had any recurring thoughts or ideas around them. Is there one (or maybe more) that keeps popping up that you just can’t seem to shake? It won’t be a loud thought in your head, but rather a soft, repetitive voice. Journaling and asking for a sign will also help.

Let’s talk courage for a second here. Having the courage to follow your dreams and a will so strong inside you is what is gouging to make it happen. You will have naysayers and doubters, and who can blame them? They have their own hurts, resentment, and what if’s. They can only give you feedback from their current awareness level. Know this and don’t take it personally. We have just started telling people in our community that we’re leaving and we have been getting all sorts of reactions. We went through this when we left Canada, and to be honest I wasn’t expecting it here. Some people just can’t fathom that people would want to do something new, follow their dreams, etc. It’s a foreign concept. Know this going in.

Surround yourself with people who will support you and believe in your dreams. This encouragement is very meaningful and powerful for keeping you on course.

Know there will be tough times. Following your dreams isn’t easy and often involves a lot of personal development. This is what I believe is missing in the Secret. You will be shown each step to making your dreams a reality, but sometimes the next step is doing work on yourself. For example, increasing your confidence, changing your perspective to knowing it’s okay to following your dreams, which usually means letting go of what others think of you and being okay with disappointing others as well. That was a huge one for me when we were leaving Canada. Know this: if you are reacting to something, it’s often something you need to look at. You may need to set boundaries with lived ones, etc.

The best part of all of this though, is that your dreams are worth it! You have them for a reason and they’re meant to be pursued. You are worth it and your happiness is worth it. Make the commitment to do whatever it takes and know it will lead to GREAT things! Your journey is where all of the lessons and learning occur, and will give you the tools and awareness to help and service more people too. Pretty cool right?!