Getting our self-worth from our businesses means feeling good (or bad) about ourselves is in direct correlation with our results (or lack there of) in our businesses.

I definitely used to feel this way.

I was always feeling like I needed to prove how well my business was doing. And it didn’t matter if I was around fellow business owners or at a party 😳

Growing my business was all I thought about.

If my numbers dipped, I would feel off.

Like really OFF. I would go down a doubt spiral and feel like a horrible person.

What I didn’t realize until later, was that it was directly related to my worth.

I only felt “good enough” when my business was doing well, with feeling like a “bad person” deep down when it wasn’t going well.

The ups and downs were hard, and I looked for a lot, I repeat A LOT of reassurances outside of myself!

Thank-you to my Mom and husband for the endless chats in those days…

So what shifted?

I first became aware of it.

That my whole life I looked for love and approval outside of myself, and that it depended heavily on my achievements.

Second, I strengthened (and still am), knowing who I am on the inside, and that I’m already good enough regardless of where my business is at OR any achievement.

What did I let go of?

The constant need to do. Not taking a break until the end of the night.

That was EVEN with practicing self-care.

Except there was always a mile long “to do” list to go along with it.

Thus the self-care helping, but me still putting far too much emphasis on the external achievements and proving I was good enough.

Once I strengthened how I felt about my worth on the inside – and A Course in Miracles – was huge for this because it says we’re all equal, we are all love, and we are connected and from something bigger then ourselves.

It clicked for me and I started strengthening this new belief.

Which in turn not only took my business to new lengths, but also my overall happiness.

I started tuning into what I wanted to do throughout the day and what really makes me THRIVE.

Letting go of what others thought about me – ok it still creeps in – but being able to spot it and shift it.

Along with letting go of unhealthy expectations of others, because I wasn’t judging myself and therefore them as harshly.

This is when I realized self-care is truly about receiving.

Being worthy enough of receiving all of the goodness the universe has to offer.

The missing link to the law of attraction.

There are several different levels of self-care – which I’ll be sharing in my book!

Stay tuned for more details!

But for now, tune into taking a hard look at where your self-worth is coming from and start strengthening your relationship with yourself and Source instead ❤️

Have a beautiful weekend!

~ Chris xox

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