I’ve been studying a lot on mindset lately. I truly believe if you don’t have a positive outlook on confidence, money beliefs, self-worth, etc., you will self-sabotage your own success. I’m excited to be attending a mindset seminar this week. Having mindset issues can be a problem at any stage in your business. You can have all of the sales & marketing tools in the world, but if something is off on the inside it will show on the outside (aka results).

A healthy mind = a successful business. Read on to see how you to can achieve a healthy mind and get out of your own way today 🙂

I’ve realized the following to be true and helpful when creating a healthy mindset.

Strategy #1 : Write out all of your fears. What are you afraid of? Fear of failure OR it could even be fear of success. Yes, it’s true. Some people (usually at a subconscious level), think they will change if they achieve their financial goals. They in turn end up self-sabotaging themselves. We will cover this more in the third strategy.

After you write out all of your fears, write next to each one why it isn’t true. You will likely notice that your fears aren’t rational AND actually not as scary after you write them down and essentially “release” them from your system.

Strategy #2: Take some time to take a hard look at your money beliefs. Where do they come from? Why do you believe what you do? What are your spending habits? I highly recommend T. Harv Ecker’s book “The Millionaire Mind” for an in depth analysis.

Strategy #3: It’s also interesting to notice how you view people who do have money. Do you think rich people are snobby or materialistic? These types of negative thoughts can actually be stopping you from earning your full potential. Deep down you could be afraid of becoming one of “them” 🙂

Take a look at your role models who are successful AND doing great things with their lives. This will help you change your perspective on what having money can look like.

Strategy #4: When you reach your financial goals, what would you do with the money? What would your lifestyle look like? How would you help people? You will likely notice an increase in freedom, the ability to give back and reach people on a larger scale.

Strategy #5: Think about one limiting belief (something you believe about yourself that is holding you back), that if you didn’t believe any more you would be free and playing on a much bigger level.

Take action and get rid of this belief for good. I have been doing an exercise with my one-on-one clients that does exactly this. Give me a ring if this is of interest.

Have fun clearing out that mental clutter so that you can achieve your ideal lifestyle 🙂