We got into business for ourselves to improve the quality of our lives right? To do more of what we love along with being passionate about our actual businesses.


So when did you lose sight of having FUN?


It is up to you to decide where, what and with whom you are living your life, in both personal and business. Most people don’t realize they have a choice, and think they are victim to circumstance. It’s not the truth. Your thoughts are creating your perspective, and thus how you’re seeing what is showing-up in your life. To one person a “negative” event could be devastating and yet to another filled with meaning and silver linings. It’s up to you.


It’s also up to you how to choose your time. If fun, joy, happiness are amongst your top values – and please, please tell me this is so – then don’t do anything that’s not!


It can be so easy to get caught-up in the day-to-day mundane tasks of running a business. Chunk it up to your bigger “why” first – is what you’re doing in alignment with your bigger purpose and dream lifestyle goals? If it’s not, then ditch it.


If it is, then ask is this something you can delegate? If it doesn’t meet these criteria then delegate for sure:
1. Is it exciting and freeing or does it make you feel heavy and constrained?
2. Is where your strengths lie and in your zone of genius?
3. Can you pay someone else where it is their zone of genius, where you can pay them less then your hourly rate AND where they can do it faster??


When you delegate to others, you are making room to do more of what you love and bring in more new business. You are also giving someone else a job and playing by the rules of abundance as opposed to those of lack.


Your business will flow.


Add more fun into your calendar – whether it’s personal things you love and / or business projects that light you up. When you’re feeling worthy and confident, and out of doubt and worry, this will be easier to do. Stand in faith and know you are taken care of by the universe. When you stop to have a little more fun and less seriousness, you will in essence let go of the fear keeping you so serious in the first place and start drawing to you more opportunities, ideas and awareness’s that will without a doubt bring you more happiness. In both business and pleasure.


Have fun friends! xo