If you’re only focused on what you can “get” from someone else, they will feel this and be repelled by you. Maybe a little harsh, but true. We’ve all had that encounter with an icky sales person, who isn’t listening to us, and just wants to “sell” us something. We can’t get away from them fast enough – right? The problem is that even though they might have a great product or service that we want to buy, if they’re not listening to us and are “product dumping” on us, it’s a turn-off.

On the other hand, when someone approaches us with the intention of how they can help us, and they ask us questions about it, we are much more open to talking to them and learning more about them.

This is really important to be aware of when you’re in a sales conversation with someone. Think about how you can best help them and move them forward. The reality is that it may not be the product or service that you offer. You may steer them in a different direction that is more helpful for them. That is totally fine – not everyone is your ideal client, and there is enough abundance for us all.

The sooner you see the universe is here to help you the better. It’s about stepping into faith and believing the universe has your back. Your success is certain and you are meant to experience abundance in all areas of your life. Knowing this – and truly believing it – will make all of the difference in how you show up and the results you receive. You will be more calm, relaxed and confident. The other amazing thing is you let go of the attachment to the outcome. This automatically brings it to fruition faster. The great thing with this is that you never know how abundance and opportunity will show up. It will likely be in a different way that you expected or then what you have worked out in your mind 🙂

Relax, have faith & have fun!