The crabs in the bucket metaphor comes from the story of catching crabs in a bucket. When you catch a crab and place it in a bucket, the first thing it will try to do is escape. Now, if you put two  crabs in a bucket, and place them in there together, as soon as one tries to climb up out of the bucket the other will grab the escaping crab by the legs and try to escape itself, to which the process gets repeated to the point where NO crabs end up escaping.


While it’s important to look at whom you surround yourself with, it’s equally as important (if not more so), to look at who you are be-ing in life. For what you put out you will receive back. Are you a champion of other people’s success or are you jealous? Do celebrate other people or do you focus on that “unfairness” of what they’ve reached a certain level and you haven’t? Are you loving, and helpful or are you so caught-up in your own drama that you miss the opportunities all around you to be of service?

When you truly take a hard look at what you’re putting out in the word and take responsibility for what you’re creating as a result, you can start to shift it. Truly coming from a place of service means coming from a place a love in ALL areas of your life. In relationships, community, career, finances and with yourself!

You deserve a life of love and abundance and so do those around you.

Namaste xo