Happy New Year! I am just wondering, do you really believe you can “be” and “do” i you want in life? There is so much out there on the law of attraction and creating your dream life, BUT do you actually believe it? The first & most important step IS to actually believe it in order to create what you would like. This rings true for a cup of coffee to a new job, to travelling the world! The thing is…you are always creating, whether you believe it or not. So why not put the principal to good use and actually start creating what you want. Start believing today! Start with creating something small so that you ca start believing. Try this exercise. Picture an object, whatever comes t your mind first. Picture all of it’s details in great detail, i.e. size, colour, shape, etc. Then “believe” and “know” this object is coming to you. Then release it. Keep in mind it could show up in a way you least expect it, like o t.v., in a painting, on a billboard, etc. so don’t even bother trying to figure out how you will see it, just believe that you will. When you think about it throughout the day, picture the object again, affirm it is coming to you and then release it again. How soon it shows up will depend on how much you actually believe that it will. It usually happen withing a few days. Have fun!