My son and his friend started a hat business. What was amazing is that I’ve been wanting to create hats for probably a year now. These boys had the idea, took action by finding the software to design them, and the manufacturer to make them. Done. Just like that. Funny how we tell ourselves all kinds of stories about what we can and can’t do; whether it’s about not being tech savvy or not having enough time, etc. If we have the will and make the DECISION it absolutely can be done!




In their selling of the hats I noticed something fascinating, that ALL entrepreneurs can benefit from. Read on below for more on this 🙂


My son and his friend started going door-to-door to sell their hats. I only WISH I had this type of training before starting my own business! They had a bunch of yes’s and a few no’s.


I immediately went into helping them manage this, with telling them it’s okay to receive a no and their hats won’t be for everyone, but to keep going and not to give up.


They sort of looked at me like I had a third eye.


They shrugged their shoulders and said they didn’t care. They already went on to sell more hats and this in no way, shape or form affected their confidence OR self-esteem.




I see the opposite all of the time with business owners and experienced it myself too. They start receiving no’s and are able to talk themselves down at first, with saying things like there are 7 billion people on the planet, every no leads to a yes, that sort of thing.


But that’s intellectual.


If your feelings don’t match your thoughts, then talking yourself out of it won’t work. Your feelings dictate what you get more of in your life. This is why we have to reconcile this.


The adults I’ve worked with need to realize what feelings comes up with receiving a no and where they stemmed from in childhood. From there we identify the decision they were making about themselves as a result. We can then rewrite their story.


Kids don’t have a story.


They are confident already and don’t have any negative feelings around sales to navigate through. They don’t take it personally and move on.


They will therefore associate sales with positive feelings and likely won’t have to shift anything in this area as adults. It will be interesting to see.


So with sales, as with anything else worth doing, it takes practice. Identifying the feelings blocking you is first, and then from there practicing being a more empowered version of you along with your technique is everything.


I was thinking yesterday when I was doing the floss (a dance!) with my son that I FINALLY learned after months of trying, that it just takes practice. Along with anything else.


So cut yourself a break and realize sales is no different – and that having the right feelings behind it underneath the surface will make all of the difference in your approach to practicing.


Happy Selling!


And remember sales isn’t something you do to someone, it’s something you do for someone.