New episode on the pod!

We kick off 2023 with the OG to A course in Miracle to us!

For those of you new to our community, I do a podcast on all things A Course on Miracles with my best friend Amy. We have been friends since grade 10 😳 and what a true honour and pleasure to do this together 💛

It has truly been the best personal development course I have ever taken and is what has led me to really learn how to harness the laws of the universe to manifest and create a life I love.

There are still lots of lessons to be had, but that is covered in the book too.

And so we breakdown the course in a way that is easier to understand, because it is a bit of a beast!

This week we have a special guest on, who is responsible for introducing the course to Amy, and then Amy to me ❤️

Plus Jen is an amazing healer and I did my very first in-person workshop with her way back in the day! When the crowd was mostly my family 🤣

Jen shares some of her most deep and pivotal moments including how she was able to move through grief by applying her foundation with the Course.

From choosing love over suffering, to the importance of doing this work to heal yourself and others, listen in to hear how we will all make our way through this work in our own ways, and yet, we are really all the same.

This course is all about returning to a loving and empowering state, thus allowing ourselves to operate from this place in our lives and businesses.

Plus we have some laughs about perimenopause! Ha! Like what the heck?!

👉 Click to listen on apple or click the image above to tune in.