You know those days where you’re manifesting up a storm? Where you’re in the FLOW and everything your heart desire’s just “magically” shows-up?!

Even though I’ve been teaching and studying this stuff for years, the magic of it all never ceases to amaze me!

And the opportunity to speak in Hawaii was no exception 🌺

I thought one day, I would love to go to Kona, and poof two days later an opportunity to speak at a conference in Kona showed-up!!

Where – and this is my favourite – I would be paid to speak on what I LOVE the most!!

Self-care for Success!!!

Truly a magical dream come true 💫

So we had our flights booked – my family was going to join me after the talk – kicking off a few days on my own felt very self-caresy 😍

And we were set.

But the law of polarity says, with every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction.

For every “up” there’s a “down”…

And just like that it was gone.

Hawaii changed its rules back, and gathering indoors in large groups is no longer allowed again.

BUT… not all is lost and I will still be speaking about what I love and could “yammer” on about all day, and this will be taking place in a beautiful spot in Arizona instead.

Not too shabby.

But the real issue is – how do we handle disappointment and adversity when it “pops” up?

Do you let it get the best of you and fall into victim mode…. “why does this always happen to me?”

Or do you put on your rose coloured glasses and see the bright side? 😎

Like how we’re also going to Canada for a funeral soon – this coming week! – and don’t have to worry as much about the kids being out of school (we would have had to pull them for the Hawaii trip).

And… how about knowing we will go to Hawaii another time… and THAT we can truly manifest and create whatever it is we’re wanting!!

That is my biggest take away, and staying in awe and wonder of this mighty universe backing us is always going to be my way of seeing things.

And who knows what else us going to show-up instead… maybe I will meet someone remarkable in Arizona who wouldn’t have been able to make it to Hawaii…

The possibilities are ENDLESS.

So take a look at something disappointing you’re experiencing – no matter how big or small – and write down all of the blessings in disguise and silver linings…and maybe, just maybe, there is a lesson to be learned in there as well 🤔

Happy weekend!

~ Chris xox

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