I’m back after a week at our place in Costa Rica and my heart is full ❤️

I had the best time rejuvenating & relaxing, hanging out with my parents and daughter 🙂 Moms of teenage daughters, the hormones are no joke right?! I loved spending time laughing and having fun with my girl and am so thankful for our get away 🙏

I shared in my facebook live the other day that an unexpected joy that came with our dream of owning properties in cool places that we could both visit and rent out, was the joy it has brought so many other people! From family having new experiences, to the guests we’ve been fortunate to host who have shared that their dreams have come true – from traveling to finding a surrogate!

But there’s another piece that I wasn’t expecting either.

It’s the friendships with the people who live in the areas of where the properties are 🙌

I’ve always set the intention to meet people we can trust who do a great job.

Low and behold, I met our house cleaner Ana in Incline Village the week before we closed on the property. I struck up a conversation in the parking lot and got her number.

Well fast forward almost three years later, and Ana not only does the best cleaning I’ve ever seen, but she quickly became our house manager with getting the house ready for guests as well as the cleaning, to stepping up to more of a real estate role with showing our unit to potential renters.

She is amazing and I can count on her for anything AND I love to give her as much work as I can!

And then meet Miguel (pictured above). He manages our property in Costa Rica. I was going to do it myself but THANK GOODNESS I was talked out of that idea! Having someone a mile away from our home in a foreign country has been everything! He watches the house, has everything little thing fixed, and gets rave reviews from our guests about his communication being impeccable.

And he truly goes above and beyond, with making sure he was there to say hello right after I was set to arrive, and coming to say good-bye before I left. His kindness and caring is felt by all of us, including his emojis in his texts 🐢😉

I love to connect with people all over the world (something I for sure get from my Mom and Dad – they are / were the ones chatting up the people beside them on the plane 🤣 I’m so grateful to truly be able to call these people my friends, including the restaurant owners, yoga instructors, mortgage brokers, lawyers, real estate agents and fellow expats along the way ❤️

And I love connecting with all of you around the globe too 🌎 Sometimes it can feel one sided, with me “talking at you!” So please drop me an email here or in our group ~ I would love to hear from you 💛

This life is all about connection and joy. The more we can feel it the more we can share it.

And we can manifest some really cool stuff along the way!