After booking my flight to Dallas, I learned that the talk I was giving was in the morning and not the afternoon as planned. I called the airline to see if I could bump up my flight and was told I would have to pay the increase in fare, since it had gone up. It was pretty hefty and I didn’t feel it was worth it. Not a big a deal, I thought, I’ll use the day to connect with folks and then head to the airport early and get some work done.


Fast forward to my travel day to Dallas. I was flying Southwest and it was my first time flying with them. I knew there wasn’t business class on these flights, but had no idea that bumping up to “A class” meant you got to move to the front of the security line AND pick your seat. I also didn’t realize being in “C class” meant you picked your seat last! I was in “C class” and the lesson was learned.


While I was waiting to be called, I started envisioning how I wanted to experience the plane ride. I wanted a window seat and wanted to be cozy. I also wanted the person next to me to be respectful of my space. We’ve all been next to those folks who take up the entire shared armrest!


I boarded the plane and got closer and closer to the back. I still felt like it was all going to work out. The woman in front of me panicked and went for a middle seat. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the window seat. Yes!!! I moved in and created exactly what I wanted. It was a full flight and I still can’t believe there was a window seat left! I was happy, cozy and sat next to the sweetest couple who were very respective of the arm rest 😉


What’s interesting is before boarding the flight; I grabbed a healthy lunch from a zenned out eatery. I thanked the cashier and told him I loved the love beads he was wearing and then left him a big tip. He smiled so bright!


Coincidence? I don’t think so. As I’m always saying, what we put out we will get back. I didn’t give him a tip for the purpose of getting a good seat on the plane – I had no idea at that point how it worked with Southwest. It just felt good to be nice.


Fast forward to the next day after I gave my talk. I hung around for a little while talking to some great folks and to have lunch. I ended up having the most inspired conversations and was so thankful to be given the opportunity to speak. When everyone went into the next session, I though maybe I’ll try the airline one more time. Well what happened next was nothing short of a miracle. She said there was a seat and the fare had gone down so I would be given a $90 refund!!! I booked it and continued to the airport.


I called uber and then had the most fascinating conversation with a driver who is originally from Pakistan. We ended up having the deepest conversation about how he an his and his family are Christian, and their children would not have survived if they stayed. Like literally survived. Christian Pakistanis are not being given jobs and are being killed. His daughter who is special needs would have been kidnapped and raped if they had stayed. This is what is happening over there. Although, I’m still not sure what to do with this information, I do know it makes my mission for world peace even stronger. AND because of this string of events, I also get to share it with you to spread awareness.


We said our good-byes and I proceeded through security. There was no line – I had just missed it by 20-minutes. I got to the gate and immediately bumped up to this “A class” that was so necessary. The flight was completely full and I have no idea just how I even got a seat!!


Well, I do know how. It’s because I asked and I felt good enough to receive. I gave where I could and received some pretty cool miracles as a result.


Pretty cool right?!


Just remember, the universe knows no size of miracles. Only we put constraints on them because of our own limited viewpoint. We can create the most ginormous things in our life, and also remember sometimes it’s the smallest miracles that have the biggest impact. I got to share this story with my kids and they are now learning this as a way of life 🙂


Namaste friends xoxo