It’s interesting to me how many people have negative beliefs about money. This comes up repeatedly when I out chatting with different people. I truly believe we can be, do and have anything in life with the right tools. One of these tools is clearing out negative beliefs and therefore having a perspective change. If you stay stuck in old beliefs that are no longer serving you, it will be hard to grow and achieve new levels of success.

Today’s article will help you address your limiting beliefs and start taking action to “dig” them out 🙂

“Address Your Money Beliefs in Order to Soar!”

If you look at why you’re not where you want to be in your business and life, there is likely a negative belief about money causing it. This can show-up in mysterious ways like fear of success, self-worth, and so on. Let’s look at these in more detail.

Fear of Success: Sometimes the fear of succeeding can be so strong that it becomes debilitating and keeps us stuck. A couple of things can be going on. The first is being afraid of getting out there in a really big way. What will happen if you increase your visibility tenfold? You will likely have more criticism and people not liking you BUT you will also be helping more people and effecting the people who really need your help in a positive way.

The second is the money piece, and this is where it’s important to think about your own beliefs around money. How do you view people with a lot of it? If it’s negative in any way, you’re likely afraid of becoming that person. Try instead to think of a positive role model. It’s also to think about all of the good things you will do with more money. Sure there are probably a few materialistic things you would buy, but that’s okay if you keep it in check. Think of how many more people you can help by making more money. You can spend more on marketing efforts to get out their in a bigger way and you can truly make a difference in people’s lives. You can also do even more positive things, like starting a charity or volunteering and donating your time.

Self-worth: Are you afraid to charge what you’re worth? Or maybe you don’t see the value of what you offer people? In both cases, there’s probably a negative perception of money going on. If you’re not charging what you’re worth, you’re probably afraid to ask for money in exchange for your services, which likely leads back to thinking money is bad on some level. If you’re not charging what you’re worth, you likely don’t see the value of your services and appreciate that people should be paying you.

Money is just an exchange between two people, nothing more and nothing less. It doesn’t have to have all of this negativity surrounding it. Our beliefs about money (and everything really) are deeply rooted. They start when we’re young and are heavily influenced by our caregivers. Their beliefs come from their caregivers and other influential people in their lives, and so on. You can see the pattern. By looking at things this way, it’s not about casting blame in anyway, it’s just about being aware. You can be aware of where the beliefs came from and then decide on whether or not you’re going to continue believing them.

What if you could have abundance? What if there wasn’t any competition and enough for all of us? What if you could be happy doing what you love and make money doing it? All of this is possible if you believe it is. It’s all about shifting your perspective and making it happen 🙂