Get out of your own way while helping others do the same…

Become an attraction magnet, help your clients get

lasting results, and learn the only strategies you need

to scale to 6-figures and beyond.


Are you a coach but struggling to see results?


You’re meant to help others.

You have so much to offer, but people just don’t seem to be enrolling!


I feel you and understand you. I’ve been there with my coaching business – with being stuck for YEARS and it felt TERRIBLE…

Especially when I believed that we all can truly be, do and have anything we want, but I couldn’t for the life of me make it happen in my business EVEN with spending a ton of money on courses trying! On paper it looked like I should have been set, but behind the scenes I was drowning…and something just wasn’t jiving.

And I’m here to tell you – quite firmly! – that everything is possible for you! Once I figured out what was blocking me + the right strategies (ahem sales), I was truly aple to tap into all of the universal laws that I knew were already there to guide and support me. I was able to scale my coaching business from $11k per year to 6-figures in just 10-months, with now running multiple successful 7-figure businesses, while having the opportunity to impact thousands of people. And psst…I’ll tell you it includes a whole heck of a lot more self-care! It is the missing ingredient in “The Secret”.

This is me giving a TEDx talk in India, which was truly a dream come true! You can manifest your dreams too!

Which one sounds the most familiar to you now?

“I hold back when it comes to putting myself out there to grow my business…I know it’s because I’m afraid of being judged.”

“I hesitate when it comes to charging for my services. I feel physically ill at the thought of it or when I think about increasing my fees.”

“I constantly spend my time and energy trying to find clients to no avail… and it leaves me feeling frustrated, resentful and drained.”

Enroll now before these

bonuses expire



Even though you will feel like you are being privately coached throughout this entire course, due to the transformational exercises Chris will guide you through with her student, we also know how invaluable 1:1 coaching is. We are inlcuding 3 private “get unstuck” coaching sessions with one of Chris’ amazing certified coaches. You will have the opprtunity to be one of her coaches at the end of the course too!



We all know how poweful community is to connect, support and collabortae with other great coaches and peers we can trust! Plus we need a safe place to brag about all of our success! You will be a part of our exclusive monthly group coaching calls with Chris.



With all of this personal development work over the last 16 years, I relaized I have a few hidden talents! Like being a psyhcic medium. I am able to tap into the divine guidance to help you get clarity on your next steps, and also connect with passed loved ones. I am inlcuding a reading for you. I have been doing these for years for my private clients and even the odd celebrity.

You are capable of creating results like these too…

From our heart-centered graduates

“I started attracting clients as soon as I said “yes” to this course! I launched my first paid masterclass and it filled to over capacity with ease. I’ve been attracting celebrity clients, and I have hundreds of candle entrepreneurs I coach weekly. Chris has given me the confidence and encouragement to finally step into my purpose.”

Ianthe Mauro, Candle and Product Coach

“I was invited to do an interview for a segment on a Nationally-Syndicated TV show. I was excited and petrified! From years of working with Chris, I knew I had to say “YES” regardless, and I knew I had to keep pushing thoughts of fear AND DOUBT away. Being a part of Chris’ community has helped me learn to recognize when my limiting beliefs are holding me back and to take courageous action. She is a strong champion for my expansion and a bright light who shines on all who are in her orbit!”

Brooke Miller, Therapist & Coach

“I used the empowered lifestyle exercise and was able to help someone get unstuck AND get clear on her big goals and dreams! She was completely transformed!! I also generated 24 sales conversations by implementing just one strategy and signed on my first 3 coaching clients!!! Thank-you Chris!”

Najla Wehbe Dipp, Real Estate Coach

“I enrolled a new executive client AND and I am using many of the tools and mindset learned in the certification process to improve my other business! I also really enjoyed all of the insights and shares with the other coaches in the group – to hear what was working and what they were having success with.”

Cecilia del Castillo, Executive Coach

“Never would I have imagined that some of our deepest blocks are connected to a childhood experience. My biggest wins were: giving myself the permission to let go of things that don’t serve my higher purpose, allowing myself to structure my day how I want, as long as I stick to my time block commitments, believing that what I’m doing in my business comes from an authentic place, and sharing what I love without worrying what others think. I would have held back in the past and been paralyzed with fear.”

Erin Paris, Teacher & Health Freedom Coach

“Chris helped me to be able to spend even more time with my family. I didn’t think I would be able to have a private practice and now it’s going so well that I need support from Chris on how to manage my wonderful families and what to do next. It’s gone better than I ever could’ve expected and I have more time. I was sharing with Chris that I am writing articles and taking the time to do things I haven’t done in years that are bringing me so much joy. I don’t know why it took me so long.”

Natiya Guin, Naturopathic Doctor & Health Coach

What’s Inside Abundance Accelerator…

“7 Layers of Success”

Where each layer builds upon the next…

Layer 1


✔️ Identify the core limiting belief holding you back and keeping you where you are

✔️ Create a new empowered belief system that is necessary for manifesting empowered results

✔️ Identify every trigger and disempowered thought distracting you from your dreams

✔️ Create a self-care practice that is designed to support you in ALL areas of life: work, health, relationships and finances

Layer 2


✔️ Give yourself permission to step into your soul’s purpose

✔️ Master your vibrational and emotional state so you can attract the type of clients and opportunities you want

✔️ Exercises to tap into the Universal Laws that will strengthen your intuition & create massive momentum

✔️ Break free of thinking small and gain clarity on what to charge for your coaching

Layer 3


✔️ Get clear on your mission so that everything you do moving forward is in complete alignment

✔️ Create an empowered calendar that ACTUALLY feels good, not heavy and overwhelming

✔️ Systems and templates ready to use that will help you become an efficiency-ninja!

✔️ Set up smart systems for an organized personal and home life, where overwhelm begone

Layer 4


✔️ Learn how to pair your intuiton with strategy for the ultimate marketing plan

✔️ Get to know your ideal client community intimately so that your marketing is WAY MORE effective

✔️ Exercise to map out your programs and pricing while staying in alignment with your bigger financial goals

✔️ How to create deep connection with your database (community) on an ongoing basis

Layer 5


✔️ Move from the fear of being “salesy” to a place of deep service + connection, and how to double your results at the same time

✔️ Dig out your deepest fear around receiving a “no”, and how to not let it take you down a deep, dark spiral of doubt

✔️ Proven sales script that will leave you & your clients feeling empowered + an easy sales tracking conversion template

✔️ Learn how to tackle objections from an empowered, heart-centered way

Layer 6


✔️ The sister to spiritual laws, learn how to move past this sneaky beast that keeps most coaches (and people in general) stuck

✔️ Learn how your mind really works and what is underneath your lack of results and clarity

✔️ Learn how this is the missing link to the law of attraction and how to overcome it

✔️ Use this awareness and the techniques with your clients to understand why they aren’t reaching their goals and how to overcome their blocks

Layer 7


✔️ Connecting with many (vs. a 1:1 model) is a fantastic business booster and way to expand your reach. Move through your fears so that you can serve on a higher level

✔️ How YOU can start spotting the opportunities around you to connect with more people and build credibility

✔️ Craft and develop your talk for any audience – whether for stages, live video, or podcast episodes

✔️ Exercises to shift what is holding you back from putting yourself out there and using your voice

A couple of bonuses that are always included…

Bonus 1


Special training with the VA’s (virtual assistants) over at Decisions-by-Design. (Valued at $297)

What You’ll Get:

A 60-minute training so that you can take the guess work out of when to hire a VA and how to do it successfully.

✔️ Clarity on the right time to hire

✔️ How to hire a VA

✔️ What you need to do to prepare

Bonus 2


An exclusive training with one of our favourite NLP mentor and friend. (Valued at $497)

What You’ll Get:

✔️ How you communicate with potential clients and those you have the opportunity to serve will make or break the outcome. Enjoy a 60-minute training not available anywhere else.

✔️ The power of language for your clients and prospects

✔️ Learn from the BEST language expert in the industry (also a Master of NLP & Trauma Expert)

✔️ Abundance Accelerator – 43 guided videos & 26 templates to help you gain momentum + scale now  Valued at $4,200

✔️ Coach Certification – you will be trained in deeper mindset exercises that you can use to help your clients create quick shifts & lasting change                                                                                                                                 Valued at $997

✔️ Coaching Business-in-a-Box – use our templates and entire coaching system with your clients.            Valued at $997

✔️ Become a Decisions-by-Design empowerment coach – be featured on our website + help coach our community (application process once you complete the course)                                                                                               Priceless opportunity


✔️ Private Coaching                                       Valued at $1941

✔️ Private Community                                   Valued at $497

✔️ Private Reading                                          Valued at $197

Total Value: $3588



We get that this is a big leap (especially if you have invested in other courses and trainings and not gotten results), and want you to have peace of mind. If you do the work, and you’re still not satisfied, show us your work within 14 days, and we’ll gladly give you a refund. No questions asked, but we will help you through any fears that are coming up if that’s helpful. Please also know we are here to HELP you! We want you to succeed. Too many coaches are earning less than $30k a year. We know it’s possible for you to earn way more, and will do everything we can to help you get there.

You know you have a gift for coaching others

And you create a safe space for them to express themselves. You are an amazing ray of light! And yet… Something isn’t jiving.

You’re battling self-doubt, uncertainty, and hitting these mental roadblocks around what’s possible…

Wondering and stressing over all these things that are keeping you from your dreams and growing your practice…

It feels all, “Can I really do this?” “Can I really charge this much?”

Here’s the thing:

All limits are learned, which means we can UNLEARN them and expand our ability to receive more abundance! It is possible for you, I promise. Please keep going!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if this program is the right fit?

You are in the right spot if you’re already a coach but aren’t seeing the results you want. You are wanting to create a full practice with high-end private or group clients.

What if I'm already a certifIed coach?

That’s ok! Think of this certification as the one that takes you even deeper than your initial coach training. It includes the transformational exercises that will help your clients (and yourself) get unstuck and achieve their goals. You will also shortcut your path and learn the business building strategies for the fastest way to grow.

What if I don't have any officIal coach training?

That’s okay too! Think of this coaching certification as coaching on steroids. You will learn from the get go how to get your clients unstuck and create lasting change. This is also helpful for those professionals already operating under the title of “coach” but who lack the credentials to back it up. We’ve got you.

What if I can't start the course right away?

That’s totally okay. You are encouraged to go at your own pace judgement free and you will have lifetime access. You will only have the group coaching calls for the first 3 months after purchasing, so we do encourage you to start during that time frame so that you have access to that additional support.

When will the content and bonuses be available?

Right away! You can get started today if you like! The welcome bonuses, the bonus section inside the course itself, and layer 1, are available immediately. As you finish each layer the next will be released, so it’s up to you how quickly you move through.

How long does the course take?

If you spend 4 hours a week, you can finish the course in 3 months.

Can you remind me how the guarantee works?

Sure! If you complete Layer 1, and you legitimately didn’t see a transformation or gain more clarity (because that’s our goal!) then just show us your work within 14 days of your purchase, and we will gladly give you a refund. No questions asked, but we are happy to help you through any fears that might be coming up as that does tend to happen when we start something new. 🙂

Can you remind me of everything I’m getting when I sign up today?

– Abundance Accelerator virtual online course
– Certification
– Coaching Biz in a Box
– Bonus Trainings

Still thinking

about it?

Still thinking about it?

Abundance Accelerator is PERFECT for you if you’re ready to ditch the overwhelm, gain clarity around how to build a successful coaching business, and are wanting to create true abundance for yourself and your clients.

✔️ The coach just getting started and wants to do start off on the right foot

✔️ ​The coach struggling to see results who is ready to fix it once and for all

✔️ ​The coach willing to walk-the-talk and look at the beliefs and decisions

holding them back (this is the work most avoid!)





✔️ ​The coach already investing 4 hrs/week actively trying to enroll high end clients (or are willing to put in the time!)

✔️ ​The coach who’s ready to have a ground breaking shift in the very first lesson that will set the stage and foundation for success!

✔️ ​The coach who’s ready to take the action needed to get results – including making TIME for this course! Only 48-mins a day (M-F)!

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