I started my facebook group years ago when I ran a 21-day self-care challenge…it brought me so much joy to see people creating the biggest shifts like writing books, raising their rates & selling their businesses, and for some just taking the time to drink their coffee hot 🤎

I realized recently that things were a little confusing though with all of the things we’ve got going on…thank-you to a great brainstorming session with one of our featured coaches Lydia! Thanks Lyd!

In my mind things were clear, but that’s because I’ve been along for the ride the whole time! Lol.

But who would have thought that when I started this journey 17 years ago, that it would evolve into writing a book, offering a program that offers a coach certificate, and now having coaches on my team! Wow!

It has been an evolution.

And like all growth, it’s a great reminder to check-in and look at whether or not our message remains clear and is it easy for people to understand.

One thing I can say for sure is my message has not wavered, and has been the same since I started my business all those years ago when its name was Total Harmony Coaching!

That we can be, do and have anything in life.

This thought is what ignited me to start my business and is what keeps me going, and my business is a direct reflection of me figuring this stuff out as I go.

And my book, Abundant Soulutions, is me sharing everything I’ve learned along the way. If there is a teaching I would ever want out in the world, it’s this.

And so we’re streamlining now that the book is in existence, and everything will start and finish with it.

I wrote the book to show female entrepreneurs, with a mompreneur focus, that we absolutely can be, do and have a life and business that we love.

That we can run a successful business and be there for our kids.

That we can practice self-care and make time for ourselves, and run a successful business and be there for our kids.

And not only can we, it actually helps us.

What I’ve learned about self-care (way beyond a mani pedi although that also serves a purpose), is that it actually puts us in a state of receiving. That when we allow ourselves to do what we love, we are in essence saying we are worthy enough to receive joy, calm and love. That we can receive more of the same. Like a thriving business and loving relationships.

And that is where I have seen women fall short. We have a problem receiving because we are such givers and most of us people pleasers. We put ourselves and our own happiness last.

This carries over to business and we grind it out, never stopping, always hustling.

And we end up pushing away what we want instead of creating the space to receive it.

It goes back to the belief systems and stories we tell ourselves. It’s not about trying one more strategy (although they serve a purpose too).

It’s this part that needs to be strengthened in order to utilize the universal law of attraction and vibration (all in the book).

And it’s this stuff I could yammer on about all day long!

Once we start to shift these thoughts and therefore feelings, we step into a place of worthiness, of abundance, and we’re n the flow.

Where co-creating and manifesting moves from foreign to second nature.

And this is what I love to teach and continue to learn ❤️

This week I found out my book will be in Barnes & Noble (equivalent to Indigo for my Canadian friends). It’s been available through their online store this whole time, but not in their physical stores. That in of itself is a whole process! Who knew?!

This is a true dream come true, and I set this intention while I was writing a book on manifesting! How cool.

This stuff works! Especially when we’re coming from a place of joy and expansion, versus fear and staying small.

What has been your favourite thing that you’ve co-created and manifested? That kinda blew your mind 🤯

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