So you know how I’ve been sending you an email on Saturdays for the last 15+ years?!

Well last weekend I missed it!

I totally gapped out…

It’s on my calendar every week to write it, which really serves as a chunk of time to write versus a reminder to do it after so many years…but I completely forgot.

And the sad part is that was not just an isolated incident…

I missed several things the two weeks prior, to the point that I started apologizing…”don’t mind my foggy menopause brain, sorry”. It was becoming embarrassing and it was picking-up in frequency.

After something major happening yet again, I had a total melt down.

“What in the heck is happening”, I thought…

Was this actually menopause? I’ve been navigating that for years and this was far different than the typical fogginess I had at the beginning.

Was it old age?

That seemed weird too.

So I sent an S.O.S. message to my naturopathic doctor who has become a great friend.

We did a call and he reminded me I have been on the best hormones for years and it’s not menopause.

Nor is it aging he said, “because how would anyone our age ever have a high-functioning job? We would be put out to pasture at 40 if that was the case!”

Right! Duh.

So hmmm….

Well we were able to figure out what it was through his testing methods – and arrived at it being a combination of heavy metals and digestions issues, where I’m essentially not getting enough oxygen to my brain.

It is the prequel to alzheimer’s, dementia, and even parkinson’s.

The issue is that most people don’t know these health conditions are related to our diet (and other things like heavy metals), and it’s usually too late before they come on full force.

So yes, what has been going on for me was serious, but thankfully we can be proactive in reversing it.

IF I take all of the supplements and also have the strictest diet.

Which of course I’m doing ❤️

So I’m sharing this for a couple of reasons:

  1. To spread awareness about how these medical conditions can come on incase you or someone you know is going through it.
  2. Never ever discount your intuition. I knew something was off and so I sought out help. We tend to “talk” ourselves into fluffing things off, when deep down we know something is off. I definitely have lots of those examples too 🙂
  3. We are always supported. When I went to buy the food, a song that reminded me of my Dad (who is now passed) started playing in the store. Then the cashier was so excited about what I was buying that he gave me all of these amazing recipes! Turns out he was a sous chef to the stars! He was my angel that day. Then when I was leaving our wedding song started playing, and I knew it was my husband’s mom who is also now passed. Not to mention my own Mom and best friends who are bright, loving, supportive lights 💫

A clear mind is everything while we’re manifesting and creating joy, love, and abundance, and boy have I felt off with that connection the last several weeks. I am excited to get back on track and I will ponder the spiritual reason why this showed up.

More on that to come for sure!