I had coffee with a friend this week and I was sharing my story with one of her friends who is aspiring to be a life coach. After talking about the Secret, another woman who overheard me came over to our table. We ended up having the best conversation, and she called the next day to sign-up for coaching! The power of the universe never ceases to amaze me and it’s proof of what can happen when we get out from behind our desks!

Read on to learn what rowboats, motorboats and helicopters have in common and what the missing ingredient is.

“A rowboat, motorboat, helicopter & missing ingredient”

The movie/book the Secret is great for inspiring and giving people permission to dream big and really go for it! The steps they teach on how to go about achieving your goals is genius, which is basically Ask, Believe & Receive. To recap, here is a brief synopsis of each step.

1. Ask for what you want. Stating it in the positive is imperative, i.e. financial freedom versus getting out of debt.

2. Do whatever it takes to actually believe you will get what you want. I’ve learned this is essential. If you don’t actually believe deep down in can happen, it won’t. This step usually involves a lot of personal work, because too often it’s hard to get out of our own way to make this step possible. Do whatever you need to do to get your mindset in a place that will make you a believer 🙂

3. Be open to receive. If you ask for what you want, believe you will get it, but then are unwilling to actually receive what’s presented to you, you will be left feeling like the process doesn’t work. You’re not supposed to worry about “how” you’re going to make it happen. For example, a lot of people want to win the lottery. That is basically figuring out the how and it’s likely not going to happen. You simply can’t control the how. Asking for financial security is a much better option. From there, being open to whatever financial opportunities come your way is imperative. You have to take action on the ideas, inspiration, people, experiences, etc. that are presented to you.

What is that story about the man being stranded on a rooftop after his house is flooded? He ends up asking God for help. A while later a rowboat, motorboat and helicopter come by. The man told them all he was okay as he had asked God for help. He ended up drowning and when he got to heaven he asked God why he didn’t send help. To which God replied, “I sent you a rowboat, motorboat and even a helicopter! What more did you expect?”

You get the point. Be aware of the opportunities around you. Sometimes the answer is not at all what you expected and most likely much better then you could have thought of yourself.

However, there is one missing ingredient in all of this. It’s Divine Timing. God/the Universe/Your Creator/Buddha, whomever you believe in, knows the right timing for your dreams to come to fruition. It may take longer then you want it to and longer then what you’ve asked for. BUT the right way will always be worth the wait, and often a way better way then you could have ever imagined.

Take my dream of moving to California for instance. It took 3 years to happen. I almost gave up SO many times. Now that I’m here, I see that the very best way worked out. Because of the delay, my husband got the only type of visa that enables me to also work in this country. The economy was down at the time, making our Canadian money worth more here. We were able to buy a great house in an upper scale community with the house prices being down. All of our moving expenses and the crazy traveling we did to get here was all paid for. Company policy changed right after we moved here an no longer covers moving expenses. The list goes on and you get my point.

The problem is that too often people put a timeline on their dreams and give up if it doesn’t happen on their terms. Have faith and trust that you will be shown the very best way at the very best time.

Happy Creating!