Yesterday I had the good fortune to practice yoga at the beach. This has been a big dream come true for me, that stemmed from walking along Laguna Beach years ago and witnessing a group of people practicing yoga while dolphins played in the ocean nearby. I longed to have that experience too and tried to find a class here after moving to the beach, but funny enough I could never find one! I am grateful that my yoga instructor agreed to do it AND during our first class, sure enough there were dolphins 🙂



Today’s sentiment is inspired by our time together this week doing yoga at the beach. If you’re local please check-out Krista and her practice at:


Today also marks our 4-year anniversary of making our huge dream come true of moving to a beach town in California! In accordance with that, let’s enjoy a little ocean wisdom 🙂 Tune in below to the “article” section.


AND to all of my Canadian friends and family ~ Happy Canada Day!!!! To all of my American friends ~ Happy July 4th!! We all have so much to celebrate and be thankful for., and I am thankful for you being a part of this community.


Consider all the pain and all the pleasure you have ever experienced as waves on a very deep ocean which you are.

From the depths, witness those waves, rolling along so bravely, always changing, beautiful in their self-sustaining power.

Marvel that once, you identified with only the surface of this ocean.

Now embrace waves, depths, undersea mountains,
out to the farthest shore.


~ Vijnana Bhairava TantraThe Radiance Sutras interpreted by Lorin Roche, PhD., Insight Verse 136


May you always remember how strong and capable you are. May you witness your pain like rolling waves, and know this too shall pass. May you embrace your power and know without a doubt, you are limitless.


Let’s bring awareness to this and put it into practice today.


Namaste xo