Happy New Year!!! I loved celebrating with our Penguin Plunge tradition on New Year’s Day, and hope you had a fabulous and fun way to ring in the New Year too!


I shared this poem with our Global Circle community yesterday, and wanted to share it here with you too 🙂 It’s one of my absolute favourite Rumi poems, and it’s such a great reminder as we enter a New Year.



Not everything is going to be rosy, and that’s okay. Let’s be thankful for all of the blessings and the lessons – albeit even if in disguise at first 😉


When negative thoughts show-up around doubt or fear, I love to use this poem as a visual. To me the ego is that part of our thinking that wants us to feel poorly about ourselves. That wants us to question, doubt and even compare ourselves to others. I picture however the ego is showing-up, maybe as doubt or anxiety, or it might even be a person! The ego loves to show us why we are right and the other person is wrong, which is really just a trap to stay separate and disconnected from others. Not loving at all. So I’ll picture the feelings, or the person(s), around a dinner table. Thanking them (really the ego) for coming, and telling them they can stay for awhile and then it’s time to go. This helps to immediately release the ego thoughts and to get centered in a more loving, compassionate way of thinking instead.I hope you find your own version of healing and letting go in 2019!


The more we can let go of heavier thoughts, the more peaceful and loving we can be. This continues to be my intention.