This week has been all about surrender and letting go.

Surrendering to receiving love and support in unexpected ways 🙂 I found myself right smack in the middle of a Brene Brown moment.

Where I physically needed help – I was in debilitating pain from the whiplash I sustained a few months ago and was forced to ask for help during my monthly women’s meeting in LA. I ran through a gamete of thoughts; what will they think? Will they think I don’t have a high pain tolerance or that I’m weak or that I’m looking for attention?? Wow. I caught myself and was able to say internally, I don’t care what anyone thinks I need help!

So I allowed myself to show the emotion of the pain – there were tears and full on crying face 😉 Instantly my fellow sisters kicked into serving mode, and got me CBD oil, a roller and an appointment with one of the very best healers I’ve ever met!!!! We went to his house because he was on vacation, but because they have him on speed dial we were IN! I was able to finally get the guidance I needed to get this neck healed. It wouldn’t have happened If I hadn’t let go of those old stories around weakness, and surrendered to the help and love that was available.

Brene Brown is right.

Vulnerability is tough. Especially as women we want to give but it can be damn hard to receive.

And the funny part is when someone else needs help, we don’t look at them as weak.

We just want to help.

This was a big one for me this week 🙂

I am so thankful for my soul sisters and would do anything for these ladies.

Today I want to share with you a podcast I came across awhile back on Oprah’s podcast that I still think about and reference often 🙂 It’s a powerful conversation about not being a victim to old stories, and how this shift is powerful in creating and manifesting our dreams.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Chrissy xoxo