Today serves as a gentle reminder to allow yourself some extra self-care ❤️

As school starts to wrap-up it’s always a busier time. I think I’ve finally remembered this and my oldest is a senior graduating from high school!

Every year, I’m like, “I will remember this next year!” Ha!

Well here we are, and we are busier than ever with all of the senior fun and also wrapping-up the baseball season – which I signed-up to be the liaison 2 years ago.

I realized the other day that next year I will not have any extras. Between volunteering for the school foundation over the years and my daughter’s gymnastics club, next year I will be free! Lol. I have enjoyed my time and I’m sure I’ll be on to the next thing 🤣

But seriously, whether we’re wrapping up school with our kids, finishing volunteer positions, or just a big work project, adding in extra self-care is key.

We have to balance out the busy and remember to take care of ourselves.

To give ourselves love and compassion too.

Even if it’s something small, what can you add in that’s just for you?

My parents (Mom & Step-Dad) are in town, and the three of us went for the nicest dinner last night. It was great to just relax and be loved.

How about you? What can you do that fills you up?