I am so excited that my TEDx talk is coming out soon! To try to get everything I’ve been writing, coaching, and training about over the last 12 years into 20 minutes was tough and a little nerve wracking to say the least! But I am super proud of how it turned out – and a little relieved to be honest even though I’ve been speaking professionally for years now! This topic is near and dear to my heart and I really wanted it to resonate for people ☺ The title is: “How to Change the World one Decision at a Time. What I really talk about is how empowered decisions can change the world. In today’s blog I share a sneak peak of what the talk is all about and I hope to start a bigger conversation too 😉 Teen suicide is up 70%!!!! Something needs to shift and shift soon.

Have a wonderful weekend doing what you love with who you love! I will be going to an “Assisted Living” concert tonight. If you haven’t heard of this band – they are epic!! Shout out to all of the Dad’s in town (including my husband) who are in the band 😉

I explain in my talk that how we make decisions is directly impacted by the state of mind we are operating from. I take everyone in the crowd through a really cool exercise that demonstrates this.

Try this.

If you think of a time when you felt at your best – how was your decision making? In contrast, when you think of a time when you weren’t feeling great, what was your decision making like then?

When we take care of ourselves we make empowered decisions and therefore create empowered results. Per the law of attraction, what we put out we will get back. If we put out a stressed out and overwhelmed energy, we will get back more of that in our lives and businesses. More to feel stressed out and overwhelmed about. On the contrary, if we put out feelings of happiness and joy, we will get more back of that in our lives and businesses. More to feel happy and joyful about – like results and dreams coming true.

Many of us don’t give ourselves permission to do what we love and what feels good, because of pre-programming from when we were little. We’re told certain things about what to believe and how the world works, from influential people in our lives AND countries. It’s important to look at why we believe what we do. In my talk I share some really powerful examples of this AND what’s possible when we start to shift it.

Imagine if we were all doing what we loved and making decisions from this place, the world would be a completely different place.

How does this pertain to suicide? Well if people felt valued and loved no matter what (self-love), and that they were connected to something bigger than themselves I do believe this would shift. There is so much pressure these days to be perfect, to not make mistakes and don’t even get me started on the expectation being so high to excel at every single thing they do! We as parents need to stop it already. We need to love our kids for who they are on the inside NOT their outward accomplishments. I love Brene Brown’s take on this and highly recommended every single one of her books 🙂 Do we want to encourage our kids to follow their dreams and to take responsibility for their own actions and therefore success in life? You betcha. But we can teach them this without being a helicopter parent, and letting them learn and make mistakes along the way.

We had lots of challenges this year in middle school and I am so thankful for all of them – so that my son could learn how to fail, get back up on his feet, preserve and overcome obstacles. It doesn’t get much better than that. Oh and throw in a little grit and determination too 😉

I would love to start a bigger conversation about this. Let me know your thoughts and ideas on how we can turn this epidemic around. Because it is an epidemic.

Much love xoxo