1.  I’ve stressed the importance of exercise 🙂


2.  Map out your to do list and block off times in your calendar to tackle it. This goes for exercising too.


3.  Enjoy friends in a meaningful way that feels relaxing.


4.  Say no to events that are not an absolute “yes” and that will cause resentment instead of joy.


5.  Manage your own expectations. I don’t know about you, but when I start to slip into overwhelm something crazy starts to happen. All of a sudden things that were not that important all of a sudden become the most important things on earth.
6.  It’s crazy making. Take a look at what you’re adding to your plate and ask yourself if this really needs to be done.


7.  Self-care. Exercise and do something just for you. Earlier this week I indulged big time (well for me anyway). I worked out in the morning and got my nails done afterward. This was with a huge to do list! It was complete bliss. It made me happier, more relaxed and better equipped to tackle my list and to be a better person in general. The relaxation is worth it alone, the ripple effect it has even more meaningful.


8.  Taking a few minutes every day to really tune in and remember what you’re grateful for. This will kick all overwhelm to the curb. I was actually feeling a little resentful for planning a volunteer dinner over the holidays at the Ronald MacDonald House. It felt crazy to plan something like this so close to Christmas. Until I gained a little perspective and remembered who we’re serving. These parents have children in the hospital over Christmas. Enough said. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to provide a meal (at the very least) for these families going through such a hard time. To be able to chat with them and provide some relief for them.


I wish you so much love along with a peaceful and relaxing holiday season. More to come next week on the pain body and how to deal with this outbreak around family over the holidays.


Lots of Love,


~ Chris 🙂