I did a live inside of our private facebook group “Self-care for Success for female entrepreneurs” where I shared the one area of focus that helps us create the space to manifest more of what we’re wanting that I want share with you too 🩷

You can watch / listen above or click here👆

PLUS I share the details about our next 5-day challenge! We’re going to clear out the clutter so that we can create more time & energy! It’s those drains that keep us in a disempowered place…I’m excited to do this one too and we’ll kick off Monday!

I was going to give you more advance notice so that you can make “time” to do it, but then I realized the whole challenge is about creating more time 🤣

So let’s dive in!

Drop me any colour of heart inside of our group on my post about it here and we will kick off with a live and fun exercise Monday at 9am pacific.

I’ll be going live inside of our group every day next week at 9am pacific, and we will tackle each area of life that I go over in my book;

Day 1 – Physical Environment

Day 2 – Emotional Well-Being

Day 3 – Finances

Day 4 – Health

Day 5 – Spirituality

Looking forward to this one too! It’s amazing what we create when we make room for it!