I’ve learned just how important learning to focus is for an entrepreneur. We don’t have anyone else pushing us forward or moving us along. We are it. Period.

What I’ve come to realize is this: Focus = time, freedom & money! Today I will help you get focused to improve your life and bottom line 🙂

I’ve come to realize though that if you don’t have a clear plan on what you’re going to do EVERY day AND work that plan, you won’t reach your big goals. The first step then, is to make a plan. Take that list of 50 ideas you came up with last week, and narrow it down to the top 6-9 ideas that will bring you the most money, in the shortest period of time, with the least effort.

The next step is to write down everything you need to do for each idea. Being as specific as possible will help you to identify all steps involved, such as emails, phone calls, writing auto responders, etc.

The third step is to assign a date to each task and physically put each one in your calendar. It’s helpful to start with the end date, i.e. when you want the final step to be completed by. From there you can back track and look at when each and every step needs to be accomplished by.

Step four. Work the plan. We’ve talked before about how to organize your day so that you have time for creative as well as admin. tasks. During the time you’ve allotted for each, work the plan set out in your calendar. For example, say on Tuesday you have on your calendar to write out a sales page and speak to your VA. You would write your sales page during the creative time you set aside for that day and make your call during the admin. portion of your day. Make sense?

Step five. Stay motivated. This is the MOST important step above all else. The reality is that sometimes we get out of bed in the morning NOT feeling that motivated. We might be tired or a little down in the dumps. This is when you need to preserve the MOST! Just work your plan. You will find the energy to carry on and you will also feel so much better after pushing yourself. It’s really just those deep seeded fears popping back up and trying to sabotage your success. You will start to find every excuse in the book not to do what you know you need to. Recognize it. Realize it feels uncomfortable and that it too shall pass. It always does

Step six. Do all of the above repeatedly. When you have implemented those 6-9 ideas fully, move on to the next batch of ideas. When you have completed and implemented all 50 ideas, brainstorm 50 new ideas!

Have fun watching your bottom line increase and your ideal lifestyle become a reality 🙂