Tip #1: Confidence isn’t something that you acquire. You can step into it instantly. Decide what confidence means to you, and actually step forward into it. While standing in that place, embody all of the feelings involved when you are confident and at your best. From there it’s about owning it, and feeling it every single day. Make the decision to do it now.

Tip #2: Know that we are all equal. No one person is better than the other regardless of his or her experience, skill set or mindset. We all come from the same place and are connected. Be yourself and speak-up. The world is waiting to hear you! We are all fabulous and have unique gifts to share with the world. Let is shine!!

Tip #3: Can you better serve others from a place of doubting yourself, or stepping-up and owning what you can do for them? People don’t want to work with others who aren’t confident. Take a look at everything you can do for others and what you’re good at, and don’t try to do anything past that. It doesn’t mean you can’t learn and gather new skills in the meantime, but refrain from adding in new services or products until you feel comfortable with the new knowledge. Stick to what you know.

Tip #4: Recognize what is really going on under the surface. I realized that my bigger issue underlying every single thing I did, was my need to feel safe. I really was afraid to be alone. I was playing small because; A) I didn’t want to be ostracized from the community or stand out for being successful, and B) I was afraid of leaving behind people that were important to me – again this leads to the deeper fear of being alone.

I was lucky to have a coach help me reframe these limiting beliefs. 1. I’ve already left people behind by moving to a new country. 2. It’s their choice to come along for the ride or not, not mine (this doesn’t mean moving, it means being supportive and happy for me). 3. My mission and dreams are far too important to give-up on in order to appease those not willing to come along.

Tip #5: Read the book the Four Agreements. Seriously. It will help you shift the urge to take things personally and make assumptions about what others are thinking. People have a lot going on – it’s never anything personal.

Tip #6: When you’re in a negative state of worry or doubt, it’s really hard to see all of the opportunities and solutions there waiting for you. Stand-up and shake it off. Do something you love to shift it. A walk, petting your dog and dancing, are all great for this. When you shift your emotional state to a positive, happy and confident one, your life will become magical. Everything will flow in a joyful direction.

Are you willing to do what it takes?? Are you willing to dig this stuff out so that you can be the person you want to be and have the life you dream of? It’s all up to you 🙂

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