Funny I was part of a book collaboration awhile back where I wrote a chapter in a book, and the gal in-charge hosted a launch party for it’s release complete with a step & repeat…and so I thought why not do that for mine?!

And so I did. I hosted a party in town at our local “Cheers”! Our little beach side community is only about 15,000 people, and has truly become a home away from home. With most people also not having a lot of family around, it’s a place where your friends quickly become your family.

The spot I hosted it at is owned by a couple who have become our friends, and where I used to host my “mompreneur” business meetings at to support my friend at the same time ❤️ And so this was the perfect spot for my book launch party!

I invited as many friends, female entrepreneurs, clients and featured coaches as I could, and it was truly magical having so many of the women I love in one spot 💫 With those who couldn’t make it being there in spirit, and some even sending the most beautiful flowers to celebrate! Thank-you Nat & Jan 🌸

Women lifting women up is a beautiful thing.

Everyone there was so supportive, and receiving all of that love was almost too much! But I kept reminding myself, it’s okay to receive…and giving and receiving have to go together. Something I’ve been working on for a long time. Being worthy enough to receive, and quite frankly what the book is all about.

I hope you feel supported and loved too, because you are. I hope you feel that here as part of our community in some small way, because that is the intention.

We love and support you. We hear you and we see you. Keep dreaming big and allow yourself to receive all of the love that’s there for you. Because it is. You are limitless.

And I want to give a special shout out to the women who helped contribute to the event, because not only are their products & services amazing, they are some of the most heart-centered women I know and deserve to be mentioned ❤️


​Shari Brown – Younique

​Natiya Guin – Deep Living

​Wendi Forbes – Breath Degrees

​Najla Wehbe Dipp​ – Sothebys (and one of our featured coaches)

​Erin Paris – Young Living

​Whitney Peterson – local photography

I hope you have a beautiful weekend! I’m off to catch my son’s playoff game & my husband rock out with his Dad band! Ha! Gotta love all of the hats!

The book comes out June 13th, but if you would like to pre-order + receive access to my “Self-care for Success” course now you can here