Since February tends to be the ❤️ month, let’s go inward to see what might be blocking you from having more love & abundance in your business 💪

I tend to see – and moved through these myself – the following patterns that show-up for biz owners…and they all come back down to not valuing ourselves…

  1. Giving too much – too many coffee dates, spending too much time on calls with potential clients and current clients, with the caveat of it feeling like a “have to” in order to “get something” deep down. If you’re giving from a place of helping and consciously deciding with no strings attached, that’s different.
  2. Over scheduling – saying yes to too much in business and life in general, and not enough to yourself!
  3. Jumping from one thing to the next – talking yourself out of the brilliant idea you had before, and not seeing it through, allowing the ego to talk you into the next idea without bringing the first thing to fruition… thus it has gotten your agreement to stop.
  4. Going down a doubt 🌀 – negative self-talk and almost giving-up, whether it’s overall or on a specific project / deal when the going gets tough.
  5. Not charging enough – not valuing your former experience and current value, and either charging way too low or worse giving away your services for free!

How to move through it??


When you change your state – meaning how you’re making decisions, you will change your results.

And how to we do that?

A couple of ways…

First, we need to strengthen our connection to something bigger than ourselves. Knowing we are always supported and taken care of by a greater force like the Universe is massive. We can let go of fear and let in light. If we operate from fear, we just create more of that.

So, grab a book, watch a movie, listen to a podcast, talk to a friend or mentor, and strengthen what this is for you…

Second, tune into your own needs and start valuing yourself. What do you need? What will make you happy? Where do you need to set stronger boundaries?

All of this comes back to valuing and honouring yourself. Because NO ONE else is going to do this for you. You need to take a stand for you!

What ends up happening? You are more confident and connected with your true self. The magnificent co-creator with the Universe! Where you can manifest your hearts desires ❤️

Sure, it can be uncomfortable – you will be challenged to let go of old thoughts systems no longer serving you – but it soooo worth it!!

Tune in this weekend… where can you start? What do you need? What will make you happy?

And doooo IT!!!

I myself have recognized this past week I need a little extra self-care time and will be doing exactly that!

Have an amazing weekend!

~ Your Coach, Chris xox

P.S. I gapped out the other day and forgot to include the podcast link in my email to you Thursday! Here you go ~ our podcast this week is about the true key to happiness 🔑

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