We had the BEST time in Brianhead this week! It’s the perfect ski town for families and I enjoyed a ton of time with this lady love ❤️ We knocked the “Star Burst” run out of the park!! We also had the amazing opportunity to finish our last day with the most epic powder ever!! I’ve never seen so many happy people all in the same place before! People were literally screaming with excitement as they went down the hill! It was awesome 🙂



More about the internal struggle…nothing is good or bad, it’s all about the judgement we put on it. So we can worry and be trapped by fear, or step into trust and faith instead and operate from that place. The problem is that many of us have old patterns around work and success that we have adopted from our families, cultures and societies. Most of it is limited and fear-based. That you have to work hard for your money. That you deserve to take a vacation only if you’ve worked hard. Money doesn’t grow on trees. You’re lazy if you haven’t worked hard. There are a whole slew of them with the kicker being – you’re loved based on how much you achieve!!! Akkk!!!!


What are we left with? Guilt, anger, resentment, envy, burn out, overwhelm, stress, illness, unworthiness, to name a few. Realize that this is ALL internal, and happening because of the beliefs we have decided to take on. That have been passed down to us, that we have accepted to be true without even questioning them. Well, it’s time for a paradigm shift, because until you shift your beliefs, you will continue down the rabbit hole and will be far from peace and joy.A client of mine just did this brilliantly! She was already hugely successful, and was still struggling internally with not wanting to get to the next level of her business the way she had done it thus far. We moved through a ton of old beliefs and programming, and amped up the self-care / self-love. Counter intuitive for most of us I know. I too still struggle with this one, but I promise working through these old beliefs is so worth it. So what does it look like for this client – “miraculously” meeting new clients everywhere and then signing them on after just the first meeting. The so-called “time” she needs to work in her business has decreased because she has shifted her paradigm. Does this mean she doesn’t need to put in any time at all? Heck no! BUT the difference is she let go of the internal worry and struggle, focused more on taking care of herself, and the universe stepped right up beside her to validate her efforts. Making the whole process so much more easeful! Magic and I love it <3


Here are 5 ways for you to move through the struggle too:


1. Identify the beliefs you have around working. What have you been taught? Then look at who’s approval and love you are looking for by sticking with this old belief system.


2. Start taking care of yourself!!! I can’t stress how important self-care is!!!!! It goes WAY beyond getting a manicure or a massage…it’s about doing what you love and doing what gives you peace in your life. THIS sends out a powerful energy to the universe. That you’re worthy of more good to come into your life. That you’re worthy of more peace and love. You are then in the SAME vibration to receive more of just that!!!!


3. Shift from fear to love. Affirm the new empowered belief you want to have around working and success. What does the more peaceful way of doing things look like? If you knew you would be shown more and more people to help whenever you like, how does that cut down the worry of “how” you will create your bigger goals and vision? What would your thinking need to be to create that?


4. Stop comparing yourself to others. A biggie I know! Tune into what works for you, and only you. When you can trust your internal guidance system, you will short cut your path to every single thing you’re wanting to create.


5. Embrace the heaviness. Too often in the personal development world, we want to jump over feeling the heavy and just flip to feeling positive. But if you resist it, it will persist and show-up some way. So tune into those heavier feelings and find the positive intention of why they’re showing-up. There’s always a positive reason and it’s part of your internal guidance system. Showing you what you need next that will help you resolve the heavy feeling and then feel good instead.


All of these steps are really just about letting go. Letting go on a deeper level so that you can create more internal peace instead.


Much love to you as you sort through this human journey xoxo