I enjoyed some time this week with my fellow sisters in business. It’s so important to be around people who lift us up and see our own greatness, even when we can’t sometimes. The conversation was heartfelt, uplifting and meaningful.


One topic that came up was around service. Our fellow millionaire mascara Mom – that’s right she created a million dollar business selling mascara and now empowers over 140 000 women in her down line – shared some key tidbits about being in service. She said something important, and I want you to really hear this.


When you can focus on service your business will completely take off.

When you can focus on service your business will completely take off.


I’ve been saying this for a long time, and so this is near and dear to my heart, but sometimes we have to hear it over and over, from multiple sources right?! Coming from a place of service in all areas of our lives is what creates abundance and love in all areas of our lives.


Today I share 5 ways that will help you operate from a place of service, including our millionaire mascara guru’s top tip, and how to move through what is blocking you from doing this.


1. Ask the universe to guide you. We have an unlimited resource at our fingertips and most of us don’t believe in it. Well we do to some extent, but we still try so hard to control the “how” we’re going to make things happen ourselves. Ask for guidance and then pay attention to what you’re shown. I almost said listen, but for me it’s not a voice I hear and I do believe this is different for everyone. For me, it’s a knowing. It starts as a quiet thought that becomes repetitive if I don’t take action on it. I just “know” deep down inside it’s the right action for me to take, and once I decide to do it it’s easy and effortless to carry it out. AND when I take action from this place there is always a great, miraculous outcome 🙂 Imagine that??!!


Tune in and see what this is for you. When you have known deep down something was true and you took action on it, where did you feel it in your body? Were any sounds important? Were any physical feelings important? Contrast this to a time when you talked yourself into something instead and it wasn’t the best decision. Where did you feel it in your body? Were any sounds important? Were any physical feelings important? Knowing when you are in sync with this guidance will help you make decisions from this place and strengthen your connection to it.


2. Standing in this place and making decisions from here, involves a huge element of letting go. Letting go of control the “how”, essentially means letting go of fear. The fear of the unknown. The fear of what if it doesn’t happen or workout. The fear, the doubt and the worry. It involves an element of trust. Knowing there is something bigger you are connected to that is guiding you. That always has your back. The universe is literally here to guide us not only in our actions and next steps, but through every single thought! It is there to guide our thoughts from a loving place instead of a fear based place. Practice asking for guidance often.


3. Ask questions. When you are spending time with a potential client to serve, ask a ton of questions. It’s not about you, it’s about them. How you can serve and help them in that moment? You won’t know unless you ask questions and focus on them. You might discover that it’s not your product or service that will help them or make the most sense at that time. That’s okay and you have to be willing to let them go. This is where standing in faith that you are always going to be guided to be shown more people to help is imperative. You are taken care of, if you let yourself be.


4. Honour and love yourself enough to receive. The best way to do this is to make time for self-care. Self-care is really about appreciating yourself enough to do the things you love that bring you peace. What is that for you? Schedule it in every day. It also enables you the space to hear / listen / receive the guidance that is there for you. Take the time to tune in.


5. Be willing to let people go. Whether it’s in a sales conversation or with existing clients. Allow people to be where they are and avoid trying to convince, shame or guilt them into to enrolling / or staying. Yes, your service is amazing, and there are also a lot of other services that are amazing. If yours isn’t a fit for them, it’s okay. When we can’t let this stuff go, it usually reverts back to a bigger fear of not hitting our numbers. Again, back to #1 & 2 . If we can stand in trust that we will always be shown more people to help AND that our number one goal is to be of service and to help, then it’s okay to let them go. You will also find that the more you stand in service, the more your business will grow anyway because you will have let go of fear (the need to get), and have raised your vibration to love and service. When you feel good enough to receive it back, that’s when everything takes off exponentially. Just focus on others and you won’t need to worry about your business.


My millionaire mascara Mom’s favourite is number 1. She will ask for guidance ALL of the time regarding who she can help. It might even be someone in the Starbucks line 😉 It might not always be convenient, but we need to listen to it.


I have found that asking how I can be of service in the morning brings about the most amazing an unexpected ways throughout the day! I can also say it’s not always about business. What’s interesting though, is when you’re in service in a non-related business area, things sure do flow “out of the blue” business wise. It’s pretty magical, and this to me is living in true abundance, where we’re giving and receiving love and connection.


Let’s see what opportunities to serve show up for you! I would love to hear about them and so please keep me posted xo