The following 5 strategies will help you stop being paralyzyed by having to make a decision and start taking action so that you can move forward with your life.

Identify what have you been putting off.
Dig deep and determine what you have been procrastinating on. What is something you have been putting off? It should be something that drains your energy every time you think about it. It makes you cringe and is something you DON’T want to deal with. It should also be something that by dealing with it, you will feel like a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders. By finally tackling it head on, you will be moving closer to where you want to be.

Have Faith.
Trust that once you make the decision things will start flowing. You will be amazed at what the universe has in store for you once you do make the decision.

Address Limiting Beliefs.
A limiting belief is a belief you have about yourself and by believing it, you are holding yourself back. What are you afraid of? Be honest & dig deep. AND then realize it’s all a lie. Have confidence in yourself and write down why it’s not true.

Arrange Support.
Have someone in place to talk to who can cheer you on after your decision has been made. Who will your support person be? Whether it’s a coach, family member or friend, make sure it’s someone you trust and who will not judge you. Having this type of support can make all of the difference.

Set the intention.
Set the intention that you will move forward with whatever decision you need to make. Give yourself a deadline and tell your support person when this will be. Making the decision is the scariest part. We usually experience so much stress & anxiety around making the decision, and then once we do everything seems fine. We’re ready to take action! You will feel a HUGE sense of relief!

Keep in mind it’s okay if you don’t have the entire plan mapped out. Trust that the rest of the path will unfold as you go. Remember as one door closes another opens. Stepping into something bigger usually involves feeling uncomfortable. Change can be scary, but it helps us to grow 🙂

P.S. Does any of the information in this e-zine sound familiar? I just want to send out a great big THANK-YOU to all of my friends, family, colleagues & clients who have inspired my writing! I am blessed to have you in my life and wouldn’t be able to do it without you 🙂