When you don’t find what you’re looking for, create it yourself! I enjoyed our second meeting yesterday for mom business owners in our community. What I started noticing in our small community of 14000 people is that there are a TON of amazing, brilliant women running all kids of businesses. From occupational therapists, to lawyers to nutrition experts, to networking marking geniuses! I had no idea with most of us arriving at pick-up in our casual workout wear! Which is one of the many things I love about this community ~ that no one cares what you do for a living, we’re all equal. Since I didn’t see much else going on in our area for this type of mom, I decided to create a group where women in business can connect and come together to support and collaborate with one another. Being a business owner and a Mom brings it’s own unique challenges, and thus “Mompreneur Circle” was born. If you’re local and I missed you, please reach out!



One issue that has come up this week with private clients is the mind chatter that tends to consume and take over our minds. Making it tough to operate from an empowered space. Here are 5 Tips for Stepping into Your Power and consequently reducing this mind chatter 🙂


What does it even mean to step into your power?


Well, my perspective on this is that it means stepping into the best version of yourself. The kindest, most loving and happiest version of you.


My talk earlier this week was centered around this very topic, and I shared that most people have a hard time doing this because of the negative thoughts swirling around in their minds.


This is definitely a work in progress and won’t ever be perfect…


BUT even if we can have positive thoughts 51% of the time, we’re winning.


So, how can we do this?


Tip #1:

Identify any fear and lack based thinking. It’s sneaky and slips in fast. Notice the decisions you’re making for clues. If you stopped paying yourself first because of a lower income month, you have slipped into lack-based thinking. This then trickles down into everything you’re doing.


Identify the belief and shift it to a new and empowered belief instead. It’s not so much about not having the negative thoughts to begin with, it’s more about how fast you can shift your focus back to empowered thoughts instead. The ego will always be there trying to drag us backwards (unless you’re fully enlightened of course and then you wouldn’t need to be here at all!).


Tip #2:


Identify who you are giving your energy to. Who and what are you saying yes to? Is this taking you closer to your goals and what you want to have more of in your life, or further away? Identifying your values and priorities will help immensely. You’re giving away your power if you are giving away your time and energy to things that aren’t meaningful. This is where resentment is cultivated. Check-in on why you are saying eyes to begin with – if it’s about people pleasing and trying to fulfill a dysfunctional need – then your light will be dimmed.


Tip #3:


Let go of expectations of others. Note I said “expectations” not “unrealistic expectations”. Who gets to decide what is realistic and unrealistic anyway? That is just another set of rules we create to keep us separate and disappointed in others. We keep the drama alive. I realized the other day my expectations are a little too high for my kids. Sometimes I forget they are just kids and still have tons too learn. A great catch for sure. If we let go of how people “should” behave and act all together we will experience a whole lot less disappointment, and therefore a tail spin of negative thinking.


Tip #4:


Be confident with who you are on the inside. Easier said then done sometimes, I know. Self-care helps a ton with this. Taking the time to do what you love is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself. It instils self-love and essentially confidence. Take some time to reflect and receive the divine guidance there for you as well. This will help strengthen your connection to Source and the universal energy available for all of us, and help you feel less isolated and more connected. This leads to having the strength to stay no to things and people that drain your energy and yes to what brings you joy instead.


Tip #5:


Strengthen your connection to the Universe. Not only does this help with confidence as mentioned above, this helps you to be inspired and a co-creator in the life you’re wanting. You will be shown how and when to shine your light. This doesn’t feel scary, it feels good. Because at the highest level, what you are really doing is extending love. Now it might look like doing this from a stage, or one-on-one with your neighbour. There is no size to it. Its about extending that energy to those around you, which in-turn creates a massive ripple effect of goodness.


Have fun and let’s lose the “seriousness” around it As soon as we get too serious, we’ve slipped into the ego again. It doesn’t have to be so heavy.


Namaste friends xo