1.Get clear on your priorities. I remember an old mentor once saying that you can tell what is important to a person by what is in their bank account and on their calendar. Take a look at your top 5 values, i.e. family, security, freedom, spirituality, etc. Make sure you have time allotted in your calendar for all of these. It also makes saying no a whole lot easier when you’re clear. If values like freedom and financial security are on your list, that relates to growing a successful business. Also, make sure you are a priority in all of this and that your self-care is recognized. When you take care of yourself, you will be more grounded, clear and have more to give 🙂

2.How to block time. I have found the most successful way to do what you want to be doing, and to be actively working toward your goals, is by scheduling everything. A lot of business owners have resistance to this because they feel controlled and that it goes against why they went into business in the first place – which was for the flexibility and freedom. The reality though is that you are the one dictating what goes on the schedule – you are in control of it. This is a way to ensure that everything that is important to you is on the calendar and actually gets carried out. It also ensures that you are working toward your bigger vision, which again is what you’ve decided on. If you’re working toward someone else’s vision – then we need to have a whole other conversation 🙂

3.Narrow down your tasks. After deciding what is important to you both personally and professionally, start to break both down into tasks, i.e. working out, meditation, sales calls, project work, emails, etc. For business activities, look at what the top 2-3 revenue-generating tasks are and make sure those take priority in your calendar.

4.Block out chunks of time based on #3. I find it best to allot chunks of time based on a monthly basis, i.e. sales calls every Monday from 12-3 pm (I highly advise to allot at least 3 hours a day to having those conversations though when you’re just starting out or have a team in place). It’s also important to stay flexible, so from there you can adjust your schedule each week depending on what you have going on, i.e. you may have an important meeting one week and need to readjust that particular day.

5.What will help you stick to it? This is where it can be difficult. Your subconscious mind wants you to stay where it feels safe, and growing a business and putting yourself out there is threatening. It will try to talk you out of your plan. What will help you stick to it?

Make the decision to commit to the above for at least 6-months and watch how your business and life are completely are transformed.


Chris 🙂