We finished our 21 day self-care challenge earlier this week and I absolutely loved participating too! Funny to listen to yourself as a participant!!! My favourite activity was going to the movies alone for the first time ever! I loved everyone’s changes and awareness too.

Today I want to share with you 5 success tips – and yes one of them includes self-care 🙂 Much love to you on your entrepreneurial journey – and remember you are amazing and I am honoured that you are a part of this community.


Running a small business can be a grind. What’s that phrase? Entrepreneurs quit their corporate jobs so they no longer have to work 9-5, only to end up working 70-hours a week??!! We definitely don’t want that to be the scenario for you. Running a successful business does take a lot of intension and time, but what if you can work smarter instead of harder? What if operating from an inspired and empowered place, can short cut the length of time it actually takes to achieve the results you are looking for? Well, after helping thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe, I have discovered how to just to do that. Here are 5 tips that will help you move into an empowered place, where you will be readily able to see the solutions that are already there for you that will lead you to the results you want to create.


1. Understanding Beliefs. This is probably the single most important area to start studying if you haven’t already. I always say that being in business for yourself is the best personal development course you can ever take, as you are forced to get out of your own way if you want to be successful. By getting out of your own way, I mean looking at the belief systems that are controlling your perception, decisions and behaviours. Beliefs are the underlying operating system for how we make our decisions and therefore what we decide to do and not do. They live in our subconscious mind, which does not have the ability to accept nor reject information. Meaning, any time we have an emotional reaction to something, the belief around it is automatically accepted into our subconscious mind unless we are using our conscious mind (which can accept or reject information), to vet what goes in there. Most people don’t realize they can do this, and what happens if they don’t! So if deep down we don’t feel worthy of success, we will see life and make designs form this lens. We must first get clear on what is in there, and then reprogram it with new empowered beliefs if what’s in there isn’t so great.


2. Be of service first and foremost always in your businesses. When we can accept and trust the universe always has our backs, and is going to show-us more and more people and opportunities to serve, we can relax, have fun and be of complete service. We’re not worrying about money in this place or where the next client is going to come from. The money is secondary. Helping and being of service is primary. Start asking each and everyday who you can help and ask to be directed to them like a magnet.


When you are spending time with a potential client to serve, ask a ton of questions. It’s not about you, it’s about them. How you can serve and help them in that moment? You won’t know unless you ask questions and focus on them. You might discover that it’s not your product or service that will help them or make the most sense at that time. That’s okay and you have to be willing to let them go. This is where standing in faith that you are always going to be guided to be shown more people to help is imperative. You are taken care of, if you let yourself be.


3. Honour and love yourself enough to receive. What you put out you will get back more of. If you’re not feeling good enough deep down, you will see more in your life to not feel good about; i.e. debt, overwhelm, stress, etc. If you’re feeling good and relaxed, you will see more in your life to feel good about, i.e. results, awesome clients, time with family, etc. Note, I said “see” – this is all about your perception. It’s about how you’re “seeing” what is happening on your life. Like attracts like, so if you feel good you will notice more of the good, which leads to seeing empowered solutions and all of your next steps.


The best way to feel good is to make time for self-care. Self-care is really about appreciating yourself enough to do the things you love that bring you peace. What is that for you? Schedule it in every day. It also enables you the space to hear / listen / receive the guidance that is there for you. Take the time to tune in.


4. Follow-up. It’s important to have an empowered follow-up system in place for after you have connected with people. You may have a different plan depending on how you connect with people, i.e. via phone, email, meetings, live events, etc. It may also differ based on how you know them and whether or not you have actually talked to them already (and how many times). Map out a complete follow-up system, so that you can funnel people through this plan and assign dates for follow-up on your calendar. I see business owners fall short in this area all of the time. Follow-up is everything. I recently reconnected with someone who I have been checking-in with for two years! This led to coaching their private group and additional private coaching with people in their company. This all came about because I genuinely cared about this person and was being of complete service and continued to follow-up.


5. SAY YESS!!! Take massive action in your business by saying yes to all of the inspired opportunities that come your way. It will feel scary and is like exercising a new muscle, but so worth it in the end. Once you say yes, the universe can show you the way to make it happen – each and every step along the way, and not a second before hand. The yes has to come first. DECISION FIRST. This is where trusting in something bigger then yourself, and knowing it has your back is of utmost importance! Practice this often. It will help to think back to a time when you have said yes to something, and made it happen no matter what. It’s this type of tenacity and perseverance that will enable you to keep seeing empowered solutions and next steps.


Above all else have fun creating the business and lifestyle you desire! Connect with why you are doing this each and every day to stay inspired, and please reach out anytime if you’re feeling stuck or want help stepping into the best version of yourself! You’ve got this.