The following 5 steps will help you to have the courage to move forward in your life.

Step 1: What have you been putting off?

Dig deep and determine what you have been procrastinating about out of fear. It should be something that you have been putting off and that by doing it you would be moving closer to where you want to be. Stepping into something bigger usually involves feeling uncomfortable. Change can be scary, but it does help us to grow.

Step 2: Make the decision

Set the intention that you will move forward with whatever you have identified in the first step. Making the decision is usually the scariest part. We usually experience so much stress & anxiety around making the decision. Once you do decide to go forward, you will likely feel a sense of relief. Just do it!

Step 3: Arrange Support

The woman I told you about earlier who quit her job, had a room full of supportive like-minded women. How wonderful! Who will your support person be? Whether it’s a coach, family member or friend, make sure it’s someone that you trust and who will not judge you. Having this type of support can make all of the difference. After all, it’s nice to have someone cheering for you isn’t it?

Step 4: Take the first step

Even if you don’t have the entire path laid out for you, take that first step. Use your support to help you do this.

Step 5: Trust

Trust that the rest of the path will unfold as you go. Take that leap of faith and believe it is going to work out. It’s really common to start second guessing yourself after you make a decision. You likely made the decision in the first place because you trusted your instincts and knew deep down that it was the right step for you. Go back to that place and remember why you made the decision to begin with. Use your support again to help you believe in yourself. Take the leap and build your wings on the way down 🙂