Here are 5 steps to gaining control over your time:

1. Look at what is driving you to accomplish so much. Who is this for? Whose approval are you trying to gain? Most of us are brought-up being valued for our accomplishments and not who we are on the inside. So this never ending cycle of doing, doing and MORE doing, comes from our deep seeded need to get someone else’s approval. Pretty messed up right? Being aware is the first step in creating change.

2. Self-worth. How you feel about yourself is directly related to what your calendar looks like. Do you set healthy boundaries with people or do you let others dictate how you spend your time? This shows up in both personal and business. Are you dictating how long you’re on the phone with someone? Do you feel comfortable telling someone no? When you feel good about yourself you care less about the judgment of others. You feel good in your own skin. You are the kind, loving, confident version of yourself and it’s easier to be confident in telling others no and being firm on what is important to you when you are. Start saying no and gaining control over your calendar. Know what your priorities are and make decisions that are in alignment with them.

3. Get help! In your personal life and business. Most business owners are afraid to let go because they think they can do it the best themselves and therefore they may as well do it themselves. Sounds familiar?! It’s okay; I used to be that way too. I do have some news – there are in fact people who can do it not only better then you, but also faster and for less then your hourly rate! Sure you will have to spend some training them upfront, but it will be well worth it in the end. What do you need help with right now? How many clients do you need in order to hire them? Make the decision to hire first, set a deadline and watch for the means to show up to enable you to make it happen. It always will. The freedom you will feel is worth every penny!!

4. Know that it will all get done in the right time. Continuing to operate at rapid pace without any breaks is going to catch up to you. The burnout and overall dissatisfaction isn’t going to be worth it. Besides, when you take care of yourself and are more relaxed and at peace, the more opportunities that continue to cause peace and relaxation will flow into your life (as opposed to stress). How can you add in some time just for you? If you don’t make the decision to put it in your schedule, it will never happen.

5. Note what you are putting out.  If you are constantly rushing and feeling stressed out, you are putting out major negative (lack) energy. This is not an abundant way of being by any means. Look at giving yourself extra time for tasks and setting yourself up to succeed. If you’re over scheduling yourself, you’re doomed from the beginning. This relates back to self-esteem as well, because you are setting yourself up to feel badly. Never being able to meet your expectations = not feeling good enough. Look at your ideal schedule, way of being and start taking steps to implement them. It just takes a decision.