A lot of entrepreneurs come to me to help them increase their revenue. They are heart-centered business owners who have a mission so big inside themselves that is ready to explode into the world. The reality is that the revenue isn’t coming in to fund their mission and dreams – or at least not consistently. This causes a downward spiral in confidence and self-worth. Today, I am going to share with you how to increase your profits quickly in a meaningful way.


  1. Be of service. The minute you step into doubt, worry or fear, you are not coming from a place of service. You are worrying about yourself and your own situation. Prospective clients will pick-up on this energy. They may not be able to put their finger on it, but they will sense something is off. Alternately, when you come from a place of service you aren’t worrying about you. It’s essentially not about you in that moment. You are focused on them. How you can help, and how you can be of service. Take some time to connect with that part of you before hopping on the phone or going to a meeting. Take three deep breathes and make the intention to connect. Think about how much you love to help people and see the bigger picture of what you are doing. Come from that place always when connecting with potential clients.
  2. Step into that confident version of yourself who already has her bills paid and has her dreams funded. Literally pick a spot on the floor in front of you that represents that version of you. Map out how she behaves, feels and acts. Then step into her. Literally step into that place. Feel what it’s like to be her. Think about everything that is possible from this space. Allow this awareness to flow through your body and mind. Step into this place going forward every morning before you start your day and if you start to feel yourself slipping into doubt.
  3. Know that you are the expert. We as entrepreneurs forget sometimes how much we do know about our particular industry. I can guarantee what is commonplace to us, is not to others. Don’t down play what you know. Own it. Because if you don’t own it, that too will be felt be others. We as the consumer, want to work with people who are confident and who we believe can help us get to there we want to go.
  4. Have a strategy. Pick 2-3 marketing projects and stick to them. Speaking and gaining visibility is the fastest way to grow a business. Set the intention for what you want to see happen, and make the commitment to following it through. You are essentially generating leads (people who are interested in what you do).
  5. Make sales calls. As my mentor says, “sales isn’t something you do to someone, it’s something you do for someone.” You can’t help anyone if you don’t reach out to them. Block off time in your calendar to do this every day. You will be able to track your conversation rates, which will then help you with planning out your days and weeks in terms of how many calls you need to be making.