One of my own goals for 2011, is less stress, more yoga! I’ve been working hard at eliminating stress. I have a good gauge on how I’m feeling and when I start to fee “off” I know it’s time to reassess what’s going on. What I’ve noticed is that I’m continuously adding on more to my “to do” list before I’ve finished the tasks already on the list. This is what creates negative stress.

So my first tip is: Cut yourself a break. Finish what is on your list before adding more to it. There are always going to be things to do in your life, so if you can get a system in place that helps you thrive you will be better off. It will be easier to manage your life and business if you can do this. Let’s face it Ladies, we’re not only career women, mothers and wives, but also house managers. We are the nucleus of our families and run our households. It’s what we do. The better our system, the less stress we have and the more we actually enjoy our lives 🙂

Get Rid of Perfection. If you are anything like me, this is tough! I have certain expectations of what my life, house, business and relationships should look like. These expectations are high and this causes stress. Ask yourself what is the worst that can happen if you let things slide a little bit. Where does this need for perfection come from? If you have such high expectations this will also affect your relationships, as you expect others to conform to the way you want things done. This also causes stress and a negative environment.

This is a HUGE one. Take time for yourself. This has to be added to your “to do” list or it will never happen. Make time every day just for you. Incorporate it into your routine. By doing this you will have more energy for everything else you do in your life, and you will be happier doing it 🙂

Hire help where you can. You don’t have to do it all. As per Brian Tracy, it’s worth it to hire someone when you can pay them less then your hourly rate, and they can do the job better and faster then you can. Whether it’s a housekeeper, virtual assistant, or someone else, think about what area of your life you can use extra support in right now. It’s all about reducing stress 🙂

Be thankful and attract more. When we are thankful for what we have the universe will provide us with more to be thankful for. This sounds basic, but it’s SO important. If you feel overwhelmed, you will get more to feel overwhelmed about. Flip your mood and thoughts by spending a couple of minutes feeling thankful for what you have right now. Not only will you feel better afterwards, but also you will start to create more in your life to feel thankful for. You will be in a better decision-making mode and capable of coming up with solutions that will get you to where you want to be. When you are feeling off, think of this and do what you can to boost your mood.

“Good things won’t happen if you’re feeling “off”. Do whatever you need to do to feel better & focus on that” – Chrissy Atley