Here are the four areas where I see business owners falling short, and therefore not experiencing the results they want.


  1. Not keeping your commitments. This applies to sticking with your calendar to keep your appointments. If you’re not going to take a stand for your success and stick to your calendar who will? There is no magic pill to fix this. It does however relate directly to self-worth, and not feeling worthy enough of success. How you make your decisions is in direct relation to how you feel about yourself. If you aren’t empowered, your decisions won’t be either. Look at where you’re not showing-up in your business and personal life. It’s ALL related. Are you late for calls or appointments? Do you back out or reschedule meetings? Of course staying flexible when unforeseen circumstances pop-p but if it’s happening regularly it’s an issue. People are not going to take you seriously, and it all starts with you taking yourself seriously first.


  1. Not working on your mindset. If you aren’t growing you’re dying. If you’re in business for yourself then you already know it’s the best personal development course you can take. You are forced to address what is going on inside when you’re not getting the results you want on the outside. Most people don’t realize just how related these are. If you’re not getting the results you want then something is off in your thinking. Whether it’s limiting beliefs around money, sales or even perfectionism. It must be worked out in order to soar.


  1. Not having a solid strategy and plan. What you spend your time and energy on is everything. You must first create an awesome plan, and then second stay focused on said plan. Now without number #1 and 2 above, you will not achieve this plan. It all goes hand in hand.
  1. Along with #3, is following a plan that doesn’t align with you energetically. Don’t just follow a marketing plan because someone who seems to be more successful than you told you too. If you’re not excited about it deep down, then the energy you’re putting behind it will be off and it won’t create the desired effect you’re wanting. There are tons of different strategies out there. Find what resonates with you, or even combine them, and then get going. Do remember that sales need to be one of them. That is a must. If you feel “off” about doing sales, then there is likely a mindset block going on and you need to circle back to 2.

If you pay attention to these areas then you will achieve success, and even achieve super success! That means creating what exactly you want in all areas of your life, including your business. Please reach out if you need extra help on any of this. There are people genuinely here to help you and who are not just looking to make another sale.