I’m in Belize! I’m here with my mentor undergoing an incredible transformation! I can’t wait to share what I learn with you when I’m back. What I can share with you now, is that I set the intention to go to Belize just a year ago. Or more appropriately, I received the divine guidance that I needed to go 🙂




In today’s article I share what led me to Belize, and just how powerful setting an intention can be and how easy it can be to bring it to fruition. Really 🙂

I remember hearing about this fabulous trip my mentor was taking people on to Belize, and thinking “I want to do that”. The idea of digging things out on a deeper level in a tropical, luxurious setting, sounded fantastic! I also immediately thought, well how would I afford that, and ya right that’s crazy. Then one day when I got up to the microphone to ask my mentor a question that had been hindering me, he told me the real way to move past it was to go to Belize. Divine intervention number one.

Later that same weekend, I hopped on the plane to go home. I pulled out a magazine that was in the seat in front of me, and flipped immediately to guess what? Yep. A picture of Belize. Divine intervention number two. I realized in that moment that I was supposed to go to Belize. It was also confirmation that when something feels exciting and there is a little longing of wanting to do it, that it’s okay to trust that feeling and go for it! I was receiving divine communication that was supporting my desire.

So in that very moment, I put it out there. The intention was set. I was going to go to Belize. I didn’t know when and I didn’t know how, but I was going.

I continued about my business and didn’t give it too much thought to be honest. In hindsight, I was “letting go” of the how and of trying to force it to happen my way. I released it, and set the intention free.

It can be easy. When you know it will happen and release the worry, the how essentially, you step into a magical place where the universe can align to make your dreams come true.

Low and behold, not even a year later, I was invited to go! I hemmed and hawed over it at first. It was a very expensive invitation after all. BUT I also knew I had to go. It was obvious, and I knew deep down I was meant to go. So I said yes! Note, I still didn’t know how I was going to pay for it. Can I just tell you that within two days of making the decision, the “way” showed up for me to go. Many ways since then showed up, and the universe kept supporting me – from childcare to flights, etc. Everything worked out fantastically.

There are a few important points about intention that I will outline incase you missed them.

  1. Set the intention. Put what you want out there.
  2. Release it. The universe has a much better way to bring us our desires then we could ever dream up ourselves. This is the “letting go” of the how. The more you can do this, the faster your desires will happen. I know this one is tough, and it’s why I’ve created an entire course around it.
  3. Notice what shows up and make the decision to go for it. This is often where people stop. The next step shows-up and they don’t take it due to some type of excuse. The excuse often involves time or money.
  4. The universe can’t align to bring you what you want until the decision is made. Once you’ve made the decision notice what show’s up to support you. You will be shown each step, one step at a time. Just follow the guidance and take action every step of the way 🙂